SWIGGIT, Your Best Online Alcohol Delivery Service

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
October 9, 2020
3 minutes
Are you looking for an alcohol delivery service? We’ve got GREAT news, because SWIGGIT is your BEST alcohol delivery service!
It’s common knowledge to all that Covid-19 has been 2020’s biggest buzzkill. A deadly virus which spread within Malaysia in February this year, to 7 months later of movement restriction and regulations from the very basic aspect of leaving home, to the sad truth of bars, pubs and clubs still being very closed, it certainly has not been a fun year.
But your nightlife being on a temporary pause, is not a problem at all, because like always, there is a way around your booze issues.

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How, you may ask? Three simple words: alcohol delivery service. I mean, what better way to still enjoy good and fast alcohol despite the inability to leave your home? The answer is, there isn’t one.
Knowing very well just how much YOU would need it, especially amidst this pandemic, in June this year this company launched the best liquor store delivery app, called SWIGGIT. Providing, not only cheap but also free alcohol delivery service, the best part has to be the fact that you don’t go to SWIGGIT, SWIGGIT comes to you!

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Delivered literally at your doorstep, SWIGGIT brings you various kinds of alcohol like beer, wine, gin, whiskey, vodka and more. Partnering with some of our favourite booze places like Kyo, Havana, Marquis, Rock Bottom, Taps Beer Bar and so many others, we hardly see anything standing in your way from buying alcohol online!
Some SWIGGIT booze includes: -


1.       Carlsberg 
2.      Heineken 
3.      Tiger 
4.      Carlsberg Smooth Draught
5.      Asahi 
6.      Anchor 
7.      Guinness 


1.       Glenfiddich 12 Years 
2.      Singleton 12 Years 
3.      Monkey Shoulder 
4.      Jack Daniels 
5.      Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve 
whiskey delivery service


1.       Absolut Original
2.      Grey Goose 


1.       Hendricks 
2.      Bombay Sapphire 
3.      Roku 

alcohol delivery service


1.       Sartori Pinot Grigio 
2.      Las Moras Sauv Blanc 
3.      Balduzzi Reserva Merlot 
4.      Luis Felipe Edward Pupilla Cab. Sauv 
And so much more!
All you have to do is go online to SWIGGIT.com, click ‘Go to marketplace’, make your order and buy. Or better yet, download  the SWIGGIT app (available on both Android and iOS) to make your life a whole lot easier and cheerier!
Before you can say alcohol, SWIGGIT’s express delivery will bring your booze to exactly where you are. Within only 60 minutes, any and every alcoholic drink which dreams are made of, could be in your hands.
alcohol delivery service

With a discounted price and the best alcohol promotion in KL, you will no longer need to search ‘alcohol near me’, because if we haven’t already said it probably a zillion times now, SWIGGIT HAS GOT YOU COVERED!!