Introducing the Swaggest App in Town: SWIGGIT

Drinking made convenient.

Ajay Junaid
June 12, 2020
1 minutes
Have you ever encountered problems such as buying genuine alcohol or having to wait an eternity to receive your favorite booze? We’re here to make your life a bit easier with an all-new app called SWIGGIT.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Am i buying the real stuff?  When will my drinks arrive?  Fret not, SWIGGIT is here to be your on-demand drink delivery partner! 

There are drinks companies itching to deliver alcohol to your door today!

What’s the catch? 

No catch, customers aren't aware that drinks delivered to them could be substandard as fake/illegal alcohol is in wide circulation. Frustratingly long delivery times make it a cumbersome process as companies have limited inventories and logistical issues.

In a few easy steps SWIGGIT, allows customers like you to buy your favourite drinks from suppliers and bars that will deliver straight to your door within the hour.  Sounds good eh?

SWIGGIT is a marketplace that allows you to order genuine drinks from merchants registered with SWIGGIT within a 5 km of your current location! 

Similar to other delivery apps, all you do is place an order via the SWIGGIT app or website and the merchants will be notified with the order.

Next, a SWIGGIT rider accepts and collects your order and you'll be able to track the order conveniently from the SWIGGIT app itself. 

Now sit back and enjoy buying drinks from the comfort of your home. 

What are you waiting for? Download the SWIGGIT app now!