REXKL SESSION #6 – Connecting with SHN & RESORT

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 4, 2020
1 minutes
25 year old, local Malaysian singer SHN is known for performing songs in both English and Chinese. Despite initially being unable to speak Mandarin, she decided to take up the challenge as a way to capture the market.
The three-member local band RESORT was formed around July last year (2019). Focusing mainly on indie pop, the trio combined their talent sand produced music that circled around positivity, sentiments, honesty and truth.
We were elated when we were given the chance to meet both SHN & RESORT. So, we sat down with them, got to understand them as artists a little better, and now we can’t wait to share!


Question 1: Out of all songs that you wrote, which is your most favourite and why?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite! But if I really had to pick one off of my debut album, it’s got to be “I Think I’m Falling in Love”, because it was me coming to terms with an overwhelming feeling that was coupled with fear and uncertainty. The song came to me in one go, I still remember sitting in my room, guitar in hand and how this song just made itself. It was an experience.


Question 2: If you didn’t pursue a career in music, what would be your career then?

I wanted to be a marine biologist. But, I can’t swim. I guess if it wasn’t music, it would be something to do with words (I love English), so maybe copy-writing. I also quite enjoyed economics. I don’t know, I feel like there’s a lot of things people could do! You just got to pick one, stick to it, give it your all and if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world.


Question 3: Who would you want to collaborate with one day?

Locally - JAIE, a kid named Rufus. Internationally, Gabrielle Aplin, Taylor Swift (Hey, a girl can dream!)


Question 4: Any words/advice you want to say to your fans in general?

Thank you for sticking around with me for the ride. I love you guys and I know times are tough right now, so remember to be kind to one another, and to spend time thinking of others. I’ve got new music lined up (and I’m so excited to share them with you). Hang tight, we’ll see each other soon enough! ♥


Question 1: Why did you guys choose the name RESORT for your band?

We picked the name because of its derivative word ‘resort’ that brings a sense of release and an expectation of a good time. Also, the name RESORT was easy to remember and it wasn’t taken yet on Spotify, could you believe it?


Question 2: Who is most likely to jump out of nowhere and dance to a song?

Truthfully, all of us are expressive and we’ve all dance to a song out of nowhere. But, Sek Hao dances the most.


Question 3: Can you guys recall the best a-ha moment when it comes to writing your music?

When we were writing the lyrics for our latest single,"Maybe It's You”. We could make sense and rhyme out of what we wanted to say with metaphors we included in the lyrics.


Question 4: Any words you want to say to your audiences in general?

It’s pretty much a tough time right now for everyone and I think we need to be reminded that we aren’t alone. We have each other. Stay safe, ask for help, speak up for those who need help. As for us, stick around -we’ve got a lot in store and we want you guys to be a part it! Keep up with the action at:
Instagram - @wearesort
Facebook - @wearesort
Youtube - RESORT