REXKL SESSION #7: Random Talks With Prakash Daniel

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 12, 2020
1 minutes
Amidst this pandemic and negativity we’re all dealing with, it’s fair to say we could all use a little laugh in our lives. Well, who better to do that than a comedian?
Have you heard of local comedian Prakash Daniel? Doing comedy for over 7 years now, in 2017, Prakash performed in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and just last year, started his own comedy show called ‘Beautiful’. 
We took the liberty of having a short chat with Prakash as a way to find out more about him and his experiences.
This is what he had to say!

Q: Tell us your favourite joke of all time?

My favourite joke of all time from my set would be the one where I talk about my experience being at the Melbourne airport and how I was “randomly” selected for an explosion check.

Q: Can you tell us your most awkward stage moments you’ve experienced before?

I was hired to perform for the Kuantan Bar Council and there was a politician and one reference to him, that was it. He laughed out so loud but the whole room went “OOOOOHHHHH”

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Q: Have you had people coming up to you and they gave/did something nice for you?

Well, usually people will tell me to tell a joke of theirs. Usually they will be like, “Wah, your set damn good but ah, why not you say this, for sure funny one!”. One occasion I had a kid come up to me and said my mom wants to buy you a drink. I was like yes, FREE DRINKS!

Q: Who would you want to do a comedy show with?

Hasan Minhaj, Ali Wong or Trevor Noah

Q: Any words/advice you would want to say to your fans in general?

Keep on supporting the local arts scene and don’t suggest jokes to me but FREE Drinks can.