REXKL SESSION #8: Chatting with Monoriff

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 19, 2020
3 minutes
Another local band with amazing songs, Monoriff was founded by both Rakesh Joshua Daniel and Niralji Ravishanker. The band initially had 5 members, but with time they ended up becoming a two-man team and have since released 5 singles and Eps.
We wanted to know more about them and their homegrown band based in Kuala Lumpur. So, we got a hold of Monoriff, sat them down for a short chat and this is what they had to say!

Question 1: How did you guys first meet?

There are two versions to this, we couldn't agree on one story. 
Rakesh - So, this was 11 years ago. It was a love at first sight thingy. The typical way, I dropped my books on the way to the lecture hall. He was there just at the right time to help me with that.
Niralji - I was looking up to the sky, just staring at the clouds wondering when it would rain. I looked down and saw this tall dude just walking with his stack of books whistling away. Don't know why but just the way he walked amused me. Then, he started singing loudly to this random song. Bam, the skies immediately poured! 


Question 2: What’s the inspiration behind your band name, Monoriff?

We wanted something simple that would stick hoping we'd be remembered for life.
So, we started stringing together random words that would sound cool and we didn't really care what they meant. We had things like Catdog, Beating Airplanes, La Patria, Fishboys and so on. 
They were just so weird that we settled with something more musically inclined; Mono like the sound channel, Riff like the riff of a song. 
Not sure if we're doing it right when we introduce ourselves verbally, cause a lot of people now call us Monorail. 


Question 3: Can you guys each tell us who’s your favorite artist growing up, and why?

Rakesh - Personally, it was Hillsong United. Cause I used to be a hardcore Church boy. 
Niralji - This is a tough one. I would go with Bee Gees. Barry's falsetto may be out of time now, but you gotta love Robin's lavender-framed glasses. I mean, it's super cool, like how everything might look beneath a swimming pool if you put that on. I think that glasses was definitely a strong reason why I pursued a music career. 

Image via Facebook


Question 4: What are the first things that you guys really want to do once Covid-19 is completely over? 

Rakesh - Remind myself not to drive on the Federal Highway at 7am anymore.
Niralji - Is it not over? Uh-oh. But really, I think I wanna go back to sleep. 

Image via Facebook


Question 5: Do you guys have any advice/words you want to say to your fans in general?

We aren't super famous yet, but when we are, please send us your personal email so we can elaborate how grateful we are to have you investing precious time listening to our music, which we think is alright.