REXKL SESSION #9: Quick Exchange with Helloluqman

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 26, 2020
2 minutes
Having multiple singles and EPs, do you know that our rising artist from KL Helloluqman, also has a band called Block J?
As a matter of fact, earlier this year in March, the band released their new hit single entitled ‘Reason’. Featuring The Impatient Sisters, the song was noted by Helloluqman to have meant a lot, because it hit so close to home.
We were drawn in to know more about him as a singer, what inspires him, and what he has to say to his fans. So, we asked him a few questions and these were his answers.
Check em’ out!

Question 1: What made you decide to pursue a career in music?

As funny as it is, I decided to pursue music after I tried to hit on a girl this one time back in high school and impress her with my music playing/singing skills. Although, yeah, she turned me down - but she actually gave me the kick start to say that I should probably think or consider doing this as a real full-time thing. What made me decide to pursue it even further after that was getting inspired by Ed Sheeran and how he made it to where he is now on his own.

Image via Spotify

Question 2: What’s your ideal time/place finding inspiration to write your music?

I feel like there's no specific ideal time and/or place for me in my opinion? I find inspiration wherever and whenever I can if I'm being honest. When I’m driving, just as I’m about to sleep, sometimes even when I’m listening to other people's songs.
Image via Spotify

Question 3: Out of all songs that you wrote, which is your most favourite and why?

I've written a few, but my personal fave has to be 'Reason' - at the time of writing, I was a different person going through a different phase and surrounded by different people in my life at the time. Now I'm much happier, healthier, and stronger than I was before. The song resonates a lot about a failing relationship and just finding reasons to make it work again - or ever at all.

Image via Awful Track Record

Question 4: What are the first things that you really want to do once Covid-19 is completely over?

Honestly? Perform! If not, I’d want to go to more gigs as much as I can and not take that for granted, for sure.

Image via Masses

Question 5: Any words/advice you want to say to your fans in general?

Never give up. It's cheesy but I've found that this advice has gotten me through almost every tough situation I’ve been through. But honestly never give up, for real.