We Spoke to Filipino Band, Any Name’s Okay!

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 27, 2020
3 minutes
Having fresh music greet us at our doorstep, is like being tucked under thick covers on a cold rainy morning. Which is basically what we felt when we heard about an upcoming band from the Philippines known as ‘Any Name’s Okay’!
The one-female-four-male group started their performing journey with a school organization known as UP Music Circle. Centering on alternative pop, the band dived right into the music scene in December of 2017 and created two great singles called ‘Clouds’ and ‘Hawaiian’. They then, successfully released a 6-track EP in November last year (2019), entitled ‘All I Feel And See’.
With all their success and growth, we were intrigued to know more about them. So we got a hold of them and chalked up some juicy details. Check them out!

Question 1: First thing’s first, how did your band come up with such a creative name? What’s the story behind it?

Image via Soundcloud

There were loose links between some of us prior to meeting, but all five of us officially met as we were applying for the UP Music Circle, an organization based in the university we attend. The organization required its applicants to form bands that would perform throughout the application process, and we decided that we would group together. After some 'cringey' band name ideas, we came up with Any Name’s Okay as an inside joke, and it’s what we’ve stuck with all the way.

Question 2: Since the release of your EP All I Feel And See, has your journey as a group shifted, is so, how?

Image via Twitter

Because of the pandemic, a lot of our post-EP plans have been postponed, and we’ve had to rethink the way we’re going about things especially online.  We’re also taking this chance to write more music and make more content! Building up to the EP release, we were pretty focused on the business aspects of things, but we’ve decided to focus on being creators now.

Question 3: What would you say, makes your band stand out as compared to other bands in the Philippines?

Image via Twitter

It’s a bit difficult to claim for ourselves what it is that makes us stand out, especially because we look up to so many of the amazing artists in the scene right now. But we’d like to think we offer a light, young, refreshing feel in our music, and we like to focus on telling stories within our lyrics and musical choices too.  We also try to play with contrast between words and music, giving happy sad or sad happy vibes if it serves the song.

Question 4: What’s next for Any Name’s Okay after this?

Image via Twaku

We definitely hope to make the most of whatever we can in these turbulent times. We’d love to write new songs, release covers, do a few online gigs and hang-out sessions here and there, we’ll see where things take us!  

Question 5: What are some of the things you have to say to your fans?

Image via Twitter

We are always so thankful for those who continue to support us; it’s especially encouraging to see messages and stories from our followers of how our music has helped or inspired them in ways we could have never imagined. We’re so blessed with the joy of making music and sharing it with you all! We hope that they— and whoever is new to seeing us in the future— will continue to cherish one another, pursue a life worth living, and never give up!