3 Scary Things You HAVE To Know About K-Pop Fans!

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
November 2, 2020
3 minutes
Sure, metal music may have some of the most loyal fans, but did you know that K-Pop music is one of the few genres, which probably has some of the craziest fans?
Korean entertainment, specifically K-Pop, which became all the rage back in the 90’s, grew immensely in size when the Korean wave took over the globe. Various K-Pop groups came to fruition and with them, an entire band of supporters who would do absolutely anything for their favourite idols.
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Originating from the word ‘fanatic’, came the word fandom, which is what K-Pop fan groups and many others begin to call themselves. The term basically meant a group of people as one unit, who spent a considerable amount of time and attention on their favourite celebrities.
So, as K-Pop groups became bigger and bigger, so did their fandoms. As a matter of fact, each fandom then went to get special names bestowed upon them, from their favourite idols.

Which has great spirit and is hella’ cute, until some of their 50 shades of crazy come out to play, that is.
K-Pop fans have been known to have an undying love for their idols, which is wholesome and adoring most days. However, there have been many instances in which, that eternal love has crossed over the borders into psycho territory, and we thought we’d explain to you, just what we mean.
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We read up on some unbelievable sh*t, and summarized the three ways on how K-Pop fandoms, can sometimes go just a tad bit overboard with their idols.

1. The Trash Talk & Fights

One of the biggest and most usual crazy, is the trash talk and the fights some K-Pop fans get into with other fandoms/fans. When a certain fandom feels threatened by another, fans can get to a whole other level of mean with one another, on social platforms. From name-calling, being outrightly rude and insensitive to even death threats, dealing with K-Pop fandoms is certainly not a place for the faint of heart.

2. The Sasaengs (Stalker fans)

Next, would be a group within the fandoms called the ‘Sasaeng’. This group mainly consist of fans who come just a little too close for comfort. You see certain fans fall too deep down the rabbit hole, that they become a little obsessed with their favourite idols.

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Naturally, too much of something is never good for you, so this obsession often results in camping out their idols’ places of residence, following them everywhere they go, taking unauthorized pictures, buying idols’ flight details and even hacking their way through phone numbers!
Having a very blatant disregard for privacy, sasaengs are basically relentless paparazzies, who can get extremely irritating and at the same time, endanger the wellbeing of K-Pop idols.

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3. The Rumours & Fake News

The third way in which certain K-Pop fans go over to the dark side, is when they decide to spead fake news or rumours about K-Pop idols.
The K-Pop industry in particular, places high importance on the way their idols are viewed, in the eyes of the world. So, false news/rumours like scandals, infidelities, romantic relationships and toxic behaviors, could potentially bring a group down.
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Some K-Pop fans traverse down this path as a means to get noticed, or gain attention from both their idols and members of fandoms. What they fail to realize is, how much actions like these can jeopardize K-Pop groups.
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Which technically concludes the few ways in which, some K-Pop fans can become a little cuckoo when it comes to their K-Pop idols.
However, this specific list only applies to the handful of fans, which sane people should definitely be on the look out for. As a matter of fact, fans that behave these ways, are hardly claimed by their own fandoms or K-Pop idols themselves!
Generally, though, there are many different types of K-Pop fans out there, all of whom only show a great deal of admiration, love and respect for their K-Pop idols, just like every other fan. Which we think, goes to show that, it isn't the fandom, just a few bad apples we gotta discard off, from time to time!
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