All these K-Drama OSTs are Crash Landing On Us!

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
October 5, 2020
4 minutes
Diverting just ever so slightly from K-Pop today, we thought it’d be exciting to talk about the other ‘K’ that also has become all the craze, K-dramas!
With the Korean Wave sweeping the globe in the 90’s and only growing bigger from there on out, another branch in the Korean entertainment industry that people seem to be obsessed with, is Korean dramas.
From their mega-sweet love stories, to their super cute male/female leads and diverse storylines, K-dramas are something many just can’t seem to get enough of.
Coz’ of that, we researched some of the best soundtracks from famous ones around, so that you can relive some of your most favourite K-drama moments!
In no particular order, check em’ out below.

1. Sweet Night from ‘Itaewon Class’ by BTS’ V


A song by legitimately the most popular K-Pop group around, Sweet Night was composed, written, produced and sung by BTS member, V (a.k.a Kim Taeyung). It was released on the show’s 12th episode, which lyrics is about conflicting feelings on lost love and hope.

2. I Give You My Heart from ‘Crash Landing on You’ by IU


From the famous K-drama ‘Crash Landing on You’, this song by IU certainly accentuated the somewhat forbidden love the on-screen characters shared for one another. With its romantic lyrics and them lovey feels, this tugging-at-our-heartstrings song became famous in no time!

3. When Night Falls from ‘While You Were Sleeping’ by Eddy Kim

Sung by none other than singer Eddy Kim, When Night Falls was an anthem played by many for it’s soothing melody and Kim’s great voice. A rather sought-after Korean love song, it very much had fans thinking about the great tale of the three adults who had the ability to see the future using just their dreams!

4. Stand By Me from ‘Boys Over Flowers’ by SHINee

Going back in time, this song was actually one that was released way back in 2009. Performed by the famous K-Pop group SHINee, Stand By Me was from an older K-drama called ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Another story about love, 'Boys Over Flowers' was the talk of the town back in the decade.

5. Everytime from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ by EXO’s Chanyeol & Punch

Sung by member of another famous K-Pop band, this song from 'Descendants of the Sun' is another, much liked OST. The song which was released in 2016, achieved a milestone when it reached 100 million views on YouTube earlier this year, in January.

6. Beautiful from ‘Goblin’ by Crush

This song was actually released by Crush in the year 2006. Then, 10 years later, famous Korean drama ‘Goblin’ (Guardian: The Lonely and The Great God) was created, and the song was used as an OST for it. Focusing on Korean folklore, plus two very good-looking male leads, it wasn’t a surprise how big the drama got upon release.

7. When I Saw You from ‘A Korean Odyssey’ by BUMKEY

To express the emotion between the first meeting of both the characters on the show, When I Saw You was used to describe their love at first sight, upon laying eyes on each other. Released in 2018, this love song had fans falling in love all over again with the drama, and more than that, the characters!

8. It’s You from ‘While You Were Sleeping’ by Henry

Next on the list is It’s You by Henry. Another song from the show ‘While You Were Sleeping’, the lyrics of this song truly expressed the feelings of the on-screen characters. A worthy listen, the romance-fantasy-thriller of a show, garnered a lot of attention when it was released back in 2017.

9. You Are My Everything from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ by Gummy

9th on our great OST list is You Are My Everything, from once again, ‘Descendants of the Sun’. Sung by Gummy, this song won the OST Award for the Seoul Music Awards and the Best OST Golden Disc Awards, two years back, when the show came out in 2017.

10. Stay With Me from ‘Goblin’ by EXO’s Chanyeol & Punch

Like Everytime from ‘Descendants of the Sun’, this song from ‘Goblin’ too, was sung by member of EXO with another singer called Punch. The song’s music video actually hit 1 million views in its first 24 hours after release and it became the most watched Korean OST music video of all time.

11. Auditory Hallucination from ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ by Jang Jae-in ft. NaShow

This song from the Korean drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’, is another OST that made people drawn to the drama even more. The show explores dissociative identity disorder in the male lead, who falls in love with a beautiful first-year psychiatrist and who helps him recover.

12. That Woman, That Man from ‘Secret Garden’ by Hyun Bin & Baek Ji Young


Coming in at number 10, is a soundtrack from the show ‘Secret Garden’. The classic although released 10 years ago, was a hit for all its 20 episodes. The OST from it, That Woman, That Man, was actually done in two versions. The first version was for the male character, sung by Hyun Bin and the second version for the female character sung by Baek Ji Young.

13. This Love from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ by Gummy

Completing our list at number 13, is yet again another famous one from 'Descendants of the Sun'. Becoming a very well-known show in Asia, it also contributed to the rise in tourism for South Korea. In fact, a local adaptation of the show has even been done in Vietnam!
And that's our 13 amazing OSTs you should definitely take a listen to!
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