Diving into the KPOP Stan Culture on Twitter

Elly Zulaikha
September 25, 2020
3 minutes

If you’re not familiar with KPOP, then you might be curious about what is  “stan” culture and why it’s so prevalent among KPOP fans. Don’t worry, here’s what we know (so far), and let us take you into the wondrous world of the KPOP stan culture on Twitter!

What does ‘Stan’ mean?

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Other definitions that center around stan:

Stanning = The act of enthusiastically supporting a favorite celebrity/idol online

Stan community = A group of dedicated fans capable of coordinating and encouraging actions from others who stans the same celebrity/idol

Stan culture = A shared language like oomf, shade, tea, wig, sis, flop, etc.

Now that your curiosity has been cleared (you’re welcome!), KPOP stans are just a bunch of dedicated KPOP fans.

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When did it start?

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It’s interesting when one can say the stan culture is a ‘tribe’ or ‘community’ that gathers on Twitter to tweet about music, pictures, and even videos of their collective interest. So in the case of KPOP, no one can tell when KPOP stans really took off on Twitter and it could be that they’ve been around ever since the bluebird app was created. But we speculate mainstream media has only started noticing them recently.

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Common terminologies in KPOP stan

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Here’s the terms WE know in the KPOP stans dictionary:

Moots = Mutual

Cancel = Boycott

Locals = Outsider

Bias = Favorite idol

Selca = Selfie in similar style to a kpop artist’s selfie

Flop = Fail

Oomf = One of My Followers or One of My Friends

Cb = Comeback

Fancam = Fan camera 

Duality = Idol’s ability to have multiple personalities both on & off-stage

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A rabbit hole or a paradise?

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If you have recently created a dedicated KPOP account and you’re there to lurk, retweet, like in the name of appreciation of your favorite idols, then by all means you’re SAFE. Truth be told, like many fandoms out there, the KPOP stan universe can either be your paradise or a rabbit hole.

There’s a variety of KPOP stans on Twitter and for newbies, wandering on your timeline can sometimes feel like bliss or like walking on eggshells. 

At its best, KPOP stans will share cute pictures of their groups, viral fancams of their idols dancing, insider memes, and recently, incredibly organizational for a good cause. One of the good examples is how the use of fancams are made to ‘drown’ or ‘spam’ whatever bad message a tweet or hashtag may pose. 

At its worst, KPOP stans can be insensitive, aggressive, and toxic to be around, thus commonly labelling them as annoying and problematic. For example fan wars could happen due to haters spreading false rumors about their bias or deeper issues like cultural appropriation.

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Worst of it all, some KPOP stans were reportedly exhausted with the drama caused by toxic KPOP stans (as all fandoms will have at some point), some eventually quit social media and some ‘ashamed’ to call themselves ‘KPOP stans’ due to the bad reputation KPOP fans have gotten over the years. 

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Tweets that sums up KPOP stan Twitter

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