Here’s 10 songs you should hear from MAMAMOO

Elly Zulaikha
March 16, 2020
3 minutes

Introducing MAMAMOO, a South Korean girl group of four members, each talented in their own way, known and beloved by many fans worldwide for their vocal power, charismatic stage performances and hit songs. We’ve put together 10 songs from MAMAMOO worth listening to.

1. HIP

Released on November 14, 2019

Album: reality in Black

All I wanna be is to be cool,

I pick whatever I want,

Kick it,

From head to shoulders,

And knees all HIP

Killing two birds with one stone, HIP is an empowerment song especially for women who want to be confident and also a “diss” to their media haters.

2. Gogobebe

Released on March 14, 2019

Album: White Wind EP


Throw out the suit and tie,

Dress code: bling, bling, bling,

You and I,

We mix and match,

Don’t avoid it, drunken drunken,


Gogobebe is a song that says, “Be yourself and have fun” whereas, in other interpretations, this song shows the relationship between two different people, who just want to have a good time together.

3. Starry Night

Released on March 7, 2018

Album: Yellow Flower EP

Starry night the night the stars shine,

The wind blows around by you and me,

The countless nights we shared,

It makes me drunk,

The night the stars shine,


This track shows how a romance ended underneath a starry night and the members sang passionately of the empty feelings from a heartbreak.

4. Egotistic

Released on July 16, 2018

Album: Red Moon EP

You selfishly become the center

You only think about yourself

Then just be with yourself

You shouldn’t just do whatever you want

A song of a woman who’s stuck in a toxic relationship with an egotistic man. As the song comes to an end, the woman finally said goodbye to him with a few words, “I wanna do whatever I want”.

5. Selfish by Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) ft. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Released on May 23, 2018

Album: 4colors

I wanna be selfish

I still have a lot of wishes

I don’t wanna adjust to the standards of the world

I’m better off doing it my way

MAMAMOO’s member, Moonbyul collaborated with Red Velvet’s Seulgi for this track that describes the term ‘selfish’, which generally carries negative notes, and turns it into an uplifting song that sends a sincere message; “love yourself”.

6. Wind Flower

Released on November 29, 2018

Album: BLUE’S EP

When I was with you, why couldn’t I treat you better?

Why are sweet words starting to linger now?


How many times,

I’ve been regretting it dear,

Now I’m thinking those flowers are really pretty (oh)

The lyrics contain emotions felt after a break-up and the “wind flower” itself represents waiting an unattainable love. Just like after moving on from a break-up, the song ended with the members singing “getting better day by day”.

7. New York

Released on September 21, 2016

Album: Memory EP

There’s a reason I can’t take my eyes off of you,

The moonlight is coming closer (Hello),

There’s no need to be sentimental and

Exhaust your emotions,

Hey spin up (Think about you)

A cheeky song about a story of a girl and a boy who live in different timezones, however, their online fantasy only lasts until one of them has to go offline, off to the real world.

8. Décalcomanie

Released on November 9, 2016

Album: Memory EP

You and I, same picture, I feel good,

An orange picture, I feel good,

This is a little dangerous,

But I can’t stop,

I feel good

As Mamamoo continued their experiments of different genres and themes, Décalcomanie mixes the group’s funky retro style with a catchy medium-tempo drum beat. Underneath the great music and vocals, the song describes the feeling and sensations of a hot romance scene.

9. Mr. Ambiguous

Released on June 18, 2014

Album: Hello EP

Mr. Ambiguous,

Instead of pretending innocence,

Have a little courage,

Shoot oh ladies and gentlemen, everyone,

Let’s get on with the show show show

Arguably one of the best debut song of K-Pop in 2014, Mamamoo’s first single followed a girl who’s questioning the gestures and interest of Mr. Ambiguous, who gave her mixed signals around her.

10. Yes I Am

Released on June 22, 2017

Album: Purple EP

If I were to describe myself,

I’m a confident woman,

To put it in words, a woman of feeling (My baby),

If you think you can do it, you can follow me (You can)

Yes, I Am is a track that encourages women to embrace themselves to the fullest, instilling a sense of confidence and love for themselves, all while showcasing their signature R&B, jazz and modern pop style.