K-Pop for Dummies: How YOU can become a K-Pop fan

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
September 18, 2020
4 minutes
Okay so if we were you, we’d thread lightly moving forward, because be reminded once you become one, there is NO going back.
It could be a song, a talk show, a series online, a music video, a specific singer or even a recommendation, but just like anything, becoming a fan, even a newbie K-Pop one, it all starts somewhere.
There are multiple stages that K-Pop fans go through as they delve into the world of Korean Pop music. But we’re here to talk about how to get started.

Step 1

You watch.

If you’ve been recommended to watch a K-Pop music video, or listen to a K-Pop song, leave your judgments at the door, and take a leap of faith, because what lies at the bottom could really surprise you.
It may not necessarily be to your liking and it may be something you’re not used to enjoying, but you’ll also never know if there’s a possibility of becoming a K-Pop fan, if you don’t actually give it a shot. Don't knock it till you try it right?
On the other hand, if you're just curious to understand the appeal of the K-Pop world, then your first step would be to go onto YouTube and randomly watch some of the more popular K-Pop songs/groups in the industry.

Step 2

You like one.

So now that you’ve watched a couple of videos, we’re pretty sure one group or singer has positively caught your eye. It could be the way they perform, the way they sing, their style, their songs, theatrics, fashion sense, looks, anything.
Nonetheless, you have taken a liking towards them and high chances you’re now afraid from being in uncharted waters. But fret not, because you have laid the foundation on your way to becoming a K-Pop fan.
So, what you do is keep watching their videos and listening to their music long enough to decide which member of the group (if you take interest in a certain group) is your favourite.
Usually, there would be one that would appeal more to you than the rest.

Step 3

You talk about it.

The best part of the journey: you go out to seek friends that also like K-Pop and you simply discuss it, like any other interest. It becomes a fun activity, and a nice way to spend your time. Besides that, it also encourages the bond between two friends, from merely sharing something in common.
From there, you start to learn about other groups that your friends like, you take a listen to their songs and watch their music videos. Now suddenly, you like more than one K-Pop group/singer and many different kinds of Korean songs.
Of course, you remain faithful to that one band/singer that got you started in the first place.

Step 4

You broaden your enthusiasm.

Image via AllKPop

Your interest in K-Pop takes on new forms and you bring it to social media. You start to follow the band/singers whom you like on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and possibly every other social app you have.
You spread their videos, images, gifs on all platforms, and express to the world, just how much K-Pop has come to matter to you.

Step 5

You go the extra mile.

If you’ve reached step 5, then it’s safe to say that you my friend, are more of a K-Pop fan, than you actually know.
At this step, you do a little extra than you normally would. You find more videos of all the K-Pop bands or singers you like. You watch every interview, listen to every song, anticipate new releases and catch them each time they’re online.
As a matter of fact, you become so virtually involved with them, that they have now become a pretty prominent part of your everyday life.
Image via Billboard

And we think that's it!
Well, the list does continue to go on from here on out, but we personally think that once you’ve passed step 3, you should hardly be considered a ‘newbie’ anymore.
So, as you’ve schemed through the steps, you’ll come to see that becoming a K-Pop fan, is basically just like becoming a fan of any other singer. This guide isn’t so much the steps you need to follow to become a K-Pop fan, but rather it's what your journey would look like after you’ve begun.
Nevertheless, it can very well be used as a guideline as well.
Whatever you choose this to be though, it is strictly a one-way street, so as long as you don't say we didn't warn you right from the start, we're good.

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