OMG: Shocking stereotypes against KPOP fans

Elly Zulaikha
March 25, 2020
5 minutes

What is it that makes other people hold a certain grudge or prejudice against KPOP fans in general? Have a read about this while keeping your mind open. After all, the glass is only half empty.

Crazy fans

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Most of the time, KPOP fans are labelled as 90% crazy in the eyes of non-KPOP people. It’s still a mystery as to what drives them to assume these fans are crazy, but it could be due to some possibilities.  

As fans are largely made up of women, many are quick to criticize that female fans go to extreme lengths when they like an idol, painting them as crazy, obsessive and possessive. While some of us do get excited when our favourite idols are performing or posting a social media update, it doesn’t mean we’re crazy for them.

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Due to a few rotten apples, it has given a bad reputation to the rest of ordinary fans who like KPOP solely for their music.

Childish people

Fan wars, mean comments, racism; these are all childish acts. A veteran fan who has been listening to KPOP music for years does not participate in the acts mentioned previously, whereas new “fans” have the tendency to engage in that way.

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From the outsiders’ perspective, seeing keyboard warriors fighting over who’s the best group of all time seems childish at best. Worse, those who spread mean comments about other fans or idols generally do not think of others but themselves.

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Truthfully, these fans, who are garnering hate and prejudice from outsiders, are the ones painting this bad image on other KPOP fans as well.  

Annoying fans

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You’ve probably come across some fans who promote their favourite groups almost all the time. Ever came across, “Stan xxx group”? Or Twitter accounts that say, “I love you XXX”? Chances are, you find that annoying and you’ll probably label every KPOP fan that way.

On the surface, it seems like there’s nothing in this world that matters for those KPOP fans except for their beloved idols. You find it overbearing because they just won’t stop at it.

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However, it’s important to remember not all fans are like this. Most of them have ordinary lives outside of KPOP, and most of the time, they’ll keep their interest in KPOP to themselves as outsiders think it’s appalling when it comes to everything KPOP related.

Supporting a toxic industry

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The KPOP industry can be somewhat like a mass-production factory and a typical business operator. The cookie-cutter idol images, “generic” songs and competitive training systems are continuously being produced for fans’ interest and money, while these idols basically signed themselves up for a lifetime of slavery contract.

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It’s not a matter of whether KPOP fans are oblivious to this. In most cases, we are aware of this problem. Hence, some fans are beginning to voice their concern on social media to champion these idols’ rights, in the hopes that entertainment companies will improve on this situation.

Indeed, this is a difficult issue to address and there’s a lot of grey area in it, however, taking small steps matters. Hopefully, in the future, the KPOP industry is more transparent and sincere so that everyone can enjoy their music.

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It is not right to simply judge, criticize and stereotype others just because of some of the instances that happened in the past, and prove it will be the same for everyone else. Instead, let’s be more understanding of each other by having a more healthy and respectful space to discuss our differences.