The Curse of 7-Years in KPOP

Elly Zulaikha
April 17, 2020
3 minutes

This 7-year timeline for KPOP groups is like a bad omen because this is where, coincidentally or not, some groups disband. But is this true or false? That’s why we’re here to break this myth with some plausible explanations. 

Average contract period

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According to the Fair Trade Commission in South Korea, an artist contract with an agency can be for seven years, which is the longest term and one that has become the standard contract for many entertainment companies. 

Since the basics have been laid down, then this brings to the question of why the 7-year sometimes proved to be true? There may be several reasons that influenced the public perceptions of the 7-year timeline, but really, it mostly has to do with the members’ in the group and their agencies involved. 

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The reasons range from controversial cases, members’ dispute and management failure, to members choosing not to extend their contract or pursuing other careers like acting or modeling. In truth, no one really knows except if the group chooses to announce their departure to the media or not.  

Girl groups have a higher risk than boy groups?

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To name a few, these are the famous girl groups that fell into the 7-year curse cycle: 2NE1, 4Minute, Wonder Girls and Girls Generation. Strangely, this curse seems to affect the girl groups more than boy groups.


The ‘death’ of many second-generation girl groups is not a surprise anymore. With the emergence of newer girl groups like Twice and Mamamoo from the third generation to fourth generation groups like ITZY and (G)-Idle, it seemed like half of the reason lies in the appeal and popularity waning for the older groups. 

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While that is possible, it’s just a coincidence that girl groups are likely to “fall” into this 7-year curse. However, there are still some girl groups who are still popular even today. 

Pushing beyond 7 year

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But then, this 7-year curse does not apply to some other girl groups as well. Although the number is lower than disbanded girl groups in the past, rest assured that sometimes, luck may be in these girls’ favor. 

For example, APink, a girl group hailing from the Play M Entertainment, debuted back in August 2011, which as of now 2020, it has been 9 years! Additionally, there are other groups who are fast approaching the 5-6 years’ timeline and still doesn’t seem like they’re slowing down either. Those names are Mamamoo, Red Velvet, GFriend and Twice. 

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Despite the so-called “curse” and how fans have seen their favorite girl groups disbanding in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean all groups will have the same fate. Well, sort of.