Lashonde Lavelle Christian
October 23, 2020
2 Minutes
Since the virus majorly impacted the world at the beginning of this year, everything has just gone haywire. From physical and mental health to employment rates and the economy, nothing has been the same.
On top of all of that, we now live in an era with mandatory facemasks, gloves and even face shields! At many of those times though, we found ourselves worried about how that whole ensemble, would go with our outfits.
Trivial, we understand, but we know you’re lying if you tell us that it didn’t once cross your mind! Worry not though, because we’re not the only ones.
Since Covid-19, countless artists have too thought about the same thing, and apparently managed to ramp up their fashion sense with amazing pandemic essentials!
So, without wasting time, check out all these celebrities who turned facemasks into FASHION, and who knows, you could very well follow in their footsteps!

Ariana Grande

Pop princess Ariana Grande proved that Covid-19 wasn’t going to get in the way of her fashion when she wore a black ‘Evolvetogether Milan’ facemask out and about. The singer was also seen wearing a rhinestone facemask which looked pretty rad!

Jennifer Hudson

Image via Hello! Magazine

Also another black facemask, Jennifer Hudson showed off her made up face whilst using her facemask. Despite having half her face covered, she still very much looked like a star in our eyes!


Image via Upscale Hype

Walking out with a black Nike facemask, Drake looked rather dapper despite Covid-19 looming over all our heads!

Jennifer Lopez

Pandemic or not, Jennifer Lopez stayed on top of her fashion game, when she went cycling with her sequined facemask. The Latina singer was also seen wearing a pink sequined one and a white tie-dye one which matched her entire outfit!

Dua Lipa

Serving an entire look, Dua Lipa paired a white facemask with black trousers, trains, and a cream-coloured jacket, when she was on her way to visit Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s newborn. The singer was also photographed rocking it, when she wore a black-coloured facemask.


Image via LuciPost

Famous American singer and rapper Lizzo went the extra mile, when she matched her facemask to her bikini and her gloves while out swimming. We thought she looked divine!

Lady Gaga

Styling so many different facemasks to go with her outfits, whether it’s at home or at the VMAs, it’s pretty obvious Lady Gaga is the queen of handling her fashion amidst a pandemic!

Katy Perry

New mom Katy Perry also showcased her fashionable Covid-19 facemasks, that were not only cute, but also in promotion of her brand new studio album 'Smile', which was released about a month ago.

Miley Cyrus

Whether it’s a crazy tongue-d mask or a branded Louis Vuitton one, Miley Cyrus just plays her cards right when it comes to facemasks!

Billie Eilish

Another icon with facemasks is Billie Eilish, slaying multiple looks at award shows and also when she leaves home!
So yeah, Covid-19 sucks, unemployment sucks, quarantining sucks, facemasks and gloves suck, but at least now we have some ideas and can hate 2020 in fashion, am I right?