Effy Godwin
March 7, 2019
Reading Time: 4 Minutes

This year one thing is simply not enough, it’s all about excess. The good news is, you don’t have to learn difficult new styles, just add some new twists. So the basics are still space buns, braids, and flowers. You’re just looking at combining them and adding embellishment. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, we’ve come up with 5 looks which will have you bang on trend this festival season.

The Mermicorn

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more magical, enter the Mermicorn. Flowing pastel waves topped with a jeweled or floral unicorn horn. There’s plenty of affordable DIY hair dyes, so don’t panic If you can’t afford a trip to the hair salon, or you could try the new hair makeup range from L’oreal Paris! It lasts for 1 day which is perfect for your changing festival looks. If you’re not blessed with effortless waves, this is easily achieved by either curling or braiding your hair and then teasing it out with your fingers to give it a more natural appearance. Then all you need to do is buy a gorgeous unicorn horn, you’ll see these popping up more and more as we get closer to festival season.

The Braided Space Bun

This is the perfect festival updo. French, Dutch, forward or backward braids it’s up to you, you can even throw in some cornrows, as long as it ends in a space bun, you’ve got it bang on trend. You can even add a splash of colour, glitter, flowers or hair rings to jazz it up even further. There’s plenty of tutorials on YouTube if you’re not sure how to go about it.

Flower Power

Structured flower crowns are out, but flowers are still very much in. It’s time to make yourself look like a beautiful flower garden. Flowers can be real or fake and you can clip, tie or weave them into your hair. This is probably my favourite look for 2019, it’s so easy and really adds something special to your look. You can literally throw them into your unbrushed festival hair and it will totally transform your appearance from Tired Tina to Gorgeous Goddess.

Multi-Space Bun

We all love space buns so why not add more? You can play around with placement and numbers of buns to create a mohawk or make yourself look like Rey from Star Wars. Adding flowers, colours or hair rings give it that extra touch or you could slay like Tanika Ray did at the 2019 Oscars with a braided quad bun mohawk (pictured centre). She loved her look and so do we! There’s plenty of options so you can find the right style for you.


Photo Credit: https://www.wildthing.com/festival-fancy-dress/

And for all those who aren’t great with hair, we have the wig. They’re super easy to wear and come pre-styled so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Not only is this on-trend, but it’s perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with style and colour but doesn’t want anything permanent. Whether you want to add a pop of colour to a lowkey outfit or take your crazy costume to the next level, wigs are an affordable option that won’t damage your hair.