Lashonde Lavelle Christian
November 6, 2020
3 Minutes
The music industry isn’t at its best right now, what with the pandemic and all that. With live shows, music festivals, tours and concerts being cancelled all around, many artists only have their recorded music to fallback on.
Despite the dent international artists are facing, they probably still have a lot more fame to help them through, as compared to many local artists, worldwide.
In the spirit of helping and as a means to get to know some of your newest local artists around, we figured what better way to get the job done, than a lively list?!
So, we did a deep dive and found these 5 Malaysian artists (in no particular order), who are relatively new to the music scene, which you just have to know more about!

1. NYK

Image via 2cents

NYK, or given name Nick Yungkit decided to tackle the music industry back in 2017, when he debuted his first single called ‘FWB’ (friends with benefits). The song got a lot of attention and was the breakthrough of his career.

To date ‘FWB’ has gained over 1.6 million streams on Spotify, and NYK went on to release countless other singles and EPs there on out. Focusing on the genre of Pop, the singer born-Penang, raised-Subang Jaya, was signed under Sony Music Malaysia, and this year released his new EP entitled ‘SALT’.

2. Leaism

Image via SCMP

Combining both RnB and Electro Pop, is singer-songwriter Leaism. Releasing her first single entitled ‘Love’ in 2018, Lea spent a considerable amount of time performing on the live stage.

Last year, the young new singer took a big step forward from busking and stage performances, to co-producing her debut, 11-track album known as ‘Kesuma’.

3. Kuizz

Image via Project Light Agency

Producing and writing music at the delicate age of 19, Kuizz from Kuala Lumpur initially worked with Canadian Juno Award nominees like Mia Martina, Danny Fernandes and American artist Kritinia Debarge.

After writing and producing for others, he made his debut in 2016 and released his first EP, ‘Till The End’. The Malaysian singer continued releasing singles, and in 2018, released ‘Vibe’ which to-date has over 5 million streams on Spotify!

4. Nik Qistina

Image via GirlsClubAsia

Signed by Universal Music Malaysia in 2016,this 20-year-old singer actually attained initial recognition, when she was 13 years of age. She uploaded covers of famous songs on the then in app, Vine, and went viral.

Her debut single in 2016 called ‘Young Hearts’ has successfully gotten over 1 million streams on Spotify. Residing from Kuala Lumpur, she also joined a singing and dancing competition early this year called ‘Dansa Dan Sing’.


5. Milo Dinosaur

Image via Unite Asia

Formed early 2017, Milo Dinosaur is a 4-member Indie Punk band from Kuala Lumpur. Drawing inspiration heavily from ‘Lukestar’, ‘Sport’, and ‘The Get Up Kids’, the band released their single ‘Usah Resah’ in November 2017.

Then in September of 2018, they released their 8-track debut album entitled ‘Dengan Ikhlas’. The band’s most popular song thus far is their same debut single with over 50,000 streams on Spotify.

Which concludes our list! Have you heard of these talented Malaysian artists? Well, if not, you have now. So, stream their amazing songs and show your support!
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