Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 17, 2020
3 Minutes
I mean it can be fun spending a day or two listening to all the best pop music there is out there. The list is long, but at so many times, the days can be longer. To spice it up every once in a while, we like to take a stroll on the dark side, just to see what that tastes like.
So, we did our scouting and what we came across was, 6 satanic songs over the years, that we think are pretty scary. Get your pitchforks ready y’all, because this highway's going straight to hell.

#1 Ritual by Ghost (2010)

Talking about human sacrifices, this song also mentions the prince of darkness himself, our dear ol’ pal, Lucifer. Mimicking ‘the Lord’sprayer’ from the Christian church, one of the verses in the song switches the words around to praise Satan.

#2 Lucifer Rising by Rob Zombie (2013)

I mean it’s basically there in the title. The song talks about the dark Lord rising with his horns held high, and how no one will be able to leave when he does. Released in 2013, this alternate metal song definitely gave us chills!

#3 O Father O Satan O Sun by Behemoth (2014)

Calling out to Satan, this song praises Satan for all he is, as an entity. The tenth studio album (The Satanist) of the extreme metal band, this song also calls to Satan to set people free, from all guilt and all concept of sin.

#4 Square Hammer by Ghost (2016)

By Swedish rock band Ghost, this song was the lead single of their album. Asking if you’re ready to swear in front of the devil, the song is about the anti-Christ’s reign on earth, said to be continuing from their second album, the birth and arrival of the anti-Christ on earth.

#5 666teen by Gama Bomb (2018)

Using what has said to be the devil’s number in the song, through the lyrics, the artist talks about dancing with Satan, kissing the beast and talking with the devils. It also gets pretty gruesome we think, when it talks about drinking petrol, getting hammered in the nuts and wearing earrings the other way round till it bleeds!

#6 Die for the Devil by ENFORCER (2019)

Last, but not in the very least, is Die for the Devil. This song is saying that the time has come to, duh, die for the devil, and that there is nowhere to run. Via the lyrics, the band also talks about how through darkness, they have found light.
And there you have it, the 6 Satanic songs that seemed so far from being a joke to us.