Lashonde Lavelle Christian
September 7, 2020
3 Minutes
So, picture this: A song comes on and you don’t really know who is singing it, but you know it’s good. Then you find out who the singer is and you think “oh must be a new band or something”. Except then you come to realize they’re not actually a band at all. As a matter of fact, they’re only one person with a name that sounds like they could be a band.
We found a few of those artists who actually comprises of just one person, but whose name sound like they could be a group of people, and we’ve listed them below!

1. The Weeknd

Image via Billboard

We know that by now the entire world has heard of The Weeknd. But let’s not deny the fact, that for a while there we all thought that “they” were a band. Originally named Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, The Weeknd got his name after he packed his bag one weekend, dropped out of school, left and never looked back. The Canadian singer, also made sure to remove the ‘e’ in his name to avoid copyright issues with an actual Canadian band of the same name.

2. Juice Wrld

Image via Billboard

Another name that sounds like a band, Juice Wrld, also consists of only one man. Named Jarad Anthony Higgins, this American rapper had a stage name initially known as JuicetheKidd. It was inspired by his favourite rapper Tupac and the role he played in the film ‘Juice’. But then later on, he changed it to Juice Wrld, to represent taking over the world.

3. Blackbear

Image via Billboard

Actual name Matthew Tyler Musto, came up with a stage name after he left his former group Polaroid and decided at the time, to work solo on his music with Ne-Yo. In 2011, the famous musician came up with his stage name and decided to use it as a pseudonym for making music.

4. Future

Image via XXL Mag

Also, just one-person, American rapper Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn came up with his stage name after he cut ties with Atlanta Hip Hop, RNB and Soul musical collective, Dungeon Family. He moved from that, decided to become the future of Dungeon Family, and before we knew it, he was hitting the charts.

5. NF

Image via Numero

Sounding like a very cool band, this one-man army has a pretty simple name story. Known infamously as NF, the Michigan rapper came up with his stage name by simply using the initials in his first and last name, Nathan John Feuerstein.

6. Logic

Image via NPR

Born in 1990 to the name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, Logic came up with his stage name based on what he wanted to achieve from his music. He loved the term because it was connected to the mind and he wanted his music to be songs that really challenged his listener’s minds.

7. H.E.R.

Image via Malay Mail

Another one that took us by surprise, believe it or not H.E.R. is NOT a band and actually just ONE singer! A backronym for ‘Having Everything Revealed’, H.E.R.’s birth name is Gabriella Wilson. The Grammy winner noted that she came up with her stage name, when she was recovering from a breakup. Despite telling herself that she wasn’t going to fall for the wrong person, she found herself always doing that, always being that girl, always being ‘her’.

8. 21 Savage

Image via BBC

Rapper 21 Savage got his name after he was shot 6 times on his 21st birthday from a drug deal gone wrong. He nearly died, but managed to pull through. His best friend though, was killed in the shooting. Originally named Shéyaa bin Abraham-Joseph, he chose 21 based on the gang he was apart of, and Savage simply because he felt like he embodied the word.