Elly Zulaikha
April 24, 2020
Reading Time: 3 Minutes

If you've been watching TikTok or have just started using the app, chances are, you might have heard a lot of songs that sound familiar to you. Here, we've compiled a list of viral songs from TikTok so the next time you hear one of the songs, you will instantly start bobbing your head to it. 

1. K Camp - 'Lottery'

Back in January 2020 when the 'Renegade challenge' took TikTok by a storm, a complex dance move is a nod to the word "renegade" repeated in the song several times. The dance behind it was from a 14-year old Jalaiah Harmon, where she posted it on Instagram back in September 2019. 

2. Roddy Ricch - 'The Box’

A TikToker @jaywill4real posted a video of himself cleaning a mirror with 'The Box' as his background music, including a caption of "This how Roddy Ricch made The Box". Due to that, the song went viral and was used multiple times by others for meme videos. The song later went on to No.1 on Billboard Hot 100, beating Justing Bieber's 'Yummy'.

3. Doja Cat - 'Say So'

Similar to the 14-year old Jalaiah Harmon, another TikToker, Haley Sharpe @yodelinghaley, initially uploaded several different parts of the dance back in December 2019 and then later the full dance video. Soon, the TikTok community picked it up and the song and the young girl herself went viral. 

4. Ke$ha - 'Cannibal'

A TikToker @ya.girl.bro.bri97 made 14 dance moves using Kesha's 2010 track 'Cannibal' and it went up as one of the viral TikTok dance challenges, where the dance starts after Kesha sings "I'll eat you up" at the end of the chorus. Additionally, the same song was used to get a reaction from parents, where TikTokers uses the final lyric "Use your finger to stir my tea, and for dessert, I'll suck your teeth".

5. Dua Lipa - 'Don't Start Now' 

Dua Lipa's 'Don't Start Now' inspired a new meme called "The Full 180" meme back in January 2020, where people used it to avoid things. It all started when @isaac_tuazon uploaded a video of himself at a mall, before turning the other way round and running in the opposite direction after seeing someone from school he doesn't want to talk to. 

6. Todrick Hall - 'Attention'

In the beginning, the dance challenge was for professional dancers. But TikTok stars like Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Avani, Zoey Aune and Lexi Rivera (to name a few) then posted their own interpretation of the viral dance. 

7. JACKBOYS feat. Young Thug - 'OUT WEST'

Much like Jalaiah Harmon and Haley Sharpe, the 'Out West dance challenge' was created by Nicole Bloomgarden @nicolebloomgarden, which later on became viral in TikTok as well.

8. Ashnikko - 'Working Bitch'

The song went viral on TikTok thanks to a series of meme sketches uploaded by TikTokers.

9. Maggie Lindemann - Pretty Girl (Paul Gannon Remix)

Although the song 'Pretty Girl' was a huge hit back in 2017 by American singer Maggie Lindemann, Paul Gannon turned the song into a remix that went particularly viral in TikTok videos.

10. Handsome Dancer - Coincidance

One of the most popular trends on TikToks, this trend is where two people showcase their dance moves while miming to the song, particularly, for the hook lines like "Wow, you can really dance, Wow, you can really dance, He went, He went *thud*, They said 'we've both been dancing all this time, What a coincidance"

11. Lil Kleine & Ronnie Flex - Drank & Drugs

A hit from the Netherlands back in 2015 has now become a hit again in TikTok. 

12. BENEE - Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton

The moves to 'Supalonely' dance are rather straightforward, people just basically mimic the lyrics with their hands. One of the stars from KPOP that helped kickstart the trend? Charli D'Amelio.

13. Drake - Nonstop

A trend where two people stand in front of a mirror and the person in front does the filming whereas the person standing slightly behind is dancing away to the song. When the line "I just flipped the switch" comes, the video cuts to two people who have now switched positions (and clothes, too) and are basically doing a reverse of what they were in the beginning. 

14. Y2K & Bbno$ - Lalala (ilkan Gunuc Remix)

One of the hardest viral challenges in TikTok where many people and even celebrities have been attempting to master the challenge. The challenge? You have to try and quickly copy a series of hand emojis shown on the screen, in time with the beat of the song.

Some other notable mentions that got viral in TikTok:

15. "Why Is Everything Chrome?" — King Critical

16. "Something New" — Wiz Khalifa feat. Ty Dolla $ign

17. “Oops” — Ella Fitzgerald

18. What The Hell” — Avril Lavigne 

19. “Exactly How I Feel” — Lizzo

20. “No Face No Ca$e” — King Lil G

21. “Dance Monkey” — Tones And I