Aryana Sofea
April 9, 2020
Reading Time: 3 Minutes

“As much as we complain about other people, there is nothing worse for mental health than a social desert.”

― Charles Montgomery

Social interaction falls under Abraham Maslow’s 5 Hierarchy or Needs - right after the needs for personal safety and is just as fundamental as food, water and shelter. 

Taking into consideration that loneliness is the main contributor to depression and suicide and there is an increased risk of suicide by 50%, its is safe to say that social interaction is one of the important factors to a healthy mind. 

Especially in these trying times of COVID-19 where we are staying safe by isolating ourselves at home and practising social distancing, it is important to still maintain some social interaction. 

All you need is your phone and an Internet connection, so here are some socializing apps to keep you and your friends connected!

Hanging out with friends

There are many apps that allow you to still hang out with your friends from your respective homes,

  • Zoom

Zoom is the underdog video conferencing software that boomed into popularity since COVID-19 came. It has become the number one app for online classes, work meetings, happy hours and even weddings!
The free version comes with a 40-minute time limit but priced options allow you to have more minutes as well as add up to 1000 attendees to your call.

  • Skype

One of the first online video-call platforms, Skype still remains reliable, however, it does require extra steps to invite nonregistered users to join a call.

  • Google Hangouts

This option comes with Gmail or you can download it as a Chrome extension, similar to Zoom, online classes, meetings and other big group activities can be done through this app. Albeit the service the free version comes with unlimited minutes, only 25 people can be added to a call and for the paid version, you can add up to 250 people. 

Date Nights and Intimate One-to-Ones

Although the apps mentioned above may be used for one-to-one video calls,
Long-distance (or short, just different locations) date nights can use other alternatives such as;

  • Whatsapp 

The chatting app allows audio and video calls between two to four people for unlimited minutes.  

  • FaceTime

This app is exclusively for Apple users and it uses your apple account for HD video calls and allows you to send quirky emojis and add camera effects as well.

  • Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger works similarly to Whatsapp and allows users to audio and video call as well as have Live sessions if you’d like to share your conversation/date night with your Facebook friends. 

  • Instagram

Instagram has video call function as well and you can add fun filters to your call as well as play games during your video call.

  • Snapchat

Similar to Instagram, Snapchat allows users to video call to add filters and play games with each other. 

Meeting New People

If you miss going out to meet new people, here’s are some apps for you to virtually meet them;

  • Squad

Add new people and connect with each other as you get live updates between your group of friends and chat with them all day, errday!

  • Tinder & Tinder Social

The only rule that applies here is just to swipe Right for the people you’d like to meet and swipe Left for those you don’t. Tinder is the app to meet new ‘lovers’ and to get a relationship, while Tinder Social is part of the app to meet some new peeps to link-up and connect as friends! 

Tinder has also made its Passport feature which allows users to meet people outside your geographical area free for everyone.

Fun And Games

Spice up your video calls with your buddies by playing games, having a dance party or even a movie night together! 

  • Houseparty

This app has a variety of simple and classic multiplayer games, such as card games and fun trivia games. You may also send video voice mails a.k.a facemails through the app! 

  • Psych!

Developed by Ellen DeGenerous, you may choose from a number of categories and start making up fake answers - it’s the best game of bullsh*t to play with your friends. 

Fabricate fake answers to real trivia questions and the other players have to guess what’s real. The objective of the game is to trick your friends to choose your answer. Points to you if you psych your friends into guessing yours!

  • Scrabble Go

A sense of normalcy and melancholy is a great thing during these hard times and Scrabble Go allows you to have as much fun you can have with your friends. Get ready for fun banters with your friends as you try to pass off a made-up word or convince that ridiculous Scrabble word is actually legit! 

  • Plug.DJ

Swapping tunes virtually is made possible with this app. Create your own dance party safely in your respective homes using Plug.DJ. It allows everyone in a party to queue their own music videos in a master list.

  • Netflix Party

Watching a movie alone isn’t as comforting and fun as watching it with your pals, and this Chrome extension lets you watch a movie while chatting with your self-quarantine friends. You only need a Netflix subscription and the Chrome Internet browser to get this party started!