Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 3, 2020
2 Minutes
Mondays am I right? The weekend is over, it’s back to work, the start of a whole new week. Not only can it be tiring, but most times, it can even be demotivating. Very little people like Mondays and that rarely comes as a surprise.
However, believe it or not, music can make Mondays better. As communal as that may sound, it is true.
According to psychologists, good upbeat music can put a person in a more positive and lively mood. Music decreases stress levels, increasing the dopamine hormone in the brain, which then increases happiness.
So if you’re fretting today, and future Mondays, take a listen to these 11 songs (in no particular order), and I’m sure you’ll feel a tad bit better.

1. You Should Be Sad by Halsey

2. Physical by Dua Lipa

3. Rain On Me by Lady Gaga ft. Ariana Grande

4. Savage Love by Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685

5. Savage by Megan Thee Stallion ft. Beyoncé

6. Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

7.     My Oh My by Camila Cabello

8.     The Box by Roddy Ricch

9.     Say So by Doja Cat

10.  Stupid Love by Lady Gaga

11.   Adore You by Harry Styles

I mean, you don’t get to cancel Mondays, but this way, at least you get to escape them!