Lashonde Lavelle Christian
July 28, 2020
3 Minutes
Imagine barely hitting puberty and already performing big-time.
That was how pop sensation and singer-songwriter Ariana Grande began her musical journey, when she partook in a Broadway musical at 13. Continuing on to television and singing, before anyone knew it, she was everywhere.
With a fan-base (commonly known as Arianators) which only grew with time, the multi-platinum, Grammy award winner quickly became one of the most famous artist of this generation.
Being followed 195 million times over on Instagram, plus the 75 million on Twitter, it is without a shadow of a doubt we all know her. Question is though, how well?
Here are a few interesting details on Ariana Grande you probably missed!

1. She is allergic to bananas

I mean, we’ve heard of an allergy to shellfish and peanuts, but get this, apparently you can be allergic to bananas! In 2011,the singer revealed how she was weirdly allergic to the fruit.

2. She shares a manager with Justin Bieber

A small world? We think so! Scooter Braun signed Grande to his management in early 2013, because he felt like she had Mariah Carey range-like potential. They were said to have taken a short break in early 2016, before he became her manager again toward the end of the same year.

3. Her last name: Grahn-day or Grand-ee?

Unsurprisingly, Ariana’s last name was originally pronounced Grand-ee, instead of Grahn-day. Her grandpa always said Grand-ee, and she grew up pronouncing it like that. However, as she grew, her brother suggested pronouncing it as the original Italian Grahn-day instead. It stuck, but she always wished she normalized Grand-ee more, in remembrance of her grandpa.

Image via Blossom

4. She is 100% vegan

Focusing on all plant-based products, the singer has a strict no-dairy no-meat policy. Centering her diet on various fruits and brown rice, she practices what is known as a macrobiotic Japanese diet. Ariana began eating organically as a kid and in 2013, she took to Twitter her success on ditching all meat products!

5. She has never taken vocal training

Despite having a four-octave range, in 2013, Ariana admitted to never taking vocal lessons. All she did, was play the French horn for a bit, the piano for a bit and listened to Whitney Houston growing up. Surprising, but maybe if we follow in her footsteps, we could all wake up tomorrow and sound like Ariana Grande!

6. She "was" a Catholic

Ariana Grande was born into a Catholic household, and she was raised that way. However, in 2013, she began to see how her views as a person didn’t quite align with the Catholic Church, with regards to the LGBTQ community, women, etc. Her deciding-to-leave-her-faith point though, happened in 2014 when her brother came out as gay. He was convinced God didn’t love him and so both he and Ariana decided to leave Catholicism for the Kabbalah faith, which they connected to.

7. She does spot-on impressions

I mean you would think that singing, acting and dancing would be it, but no, because she also does near-perfect vocal imitations of the biggest singers! Grande began this neat trick before she became a sensation. She would make webcam clips of herself and post them onto YouTube. Those clips became viral and soon she was asked to do them on live shows. However, she eventually stopped doing them so often, as she was advised how damaging it could be to her vocal chords.

8. She started philanthropy at 10 years old

Pretty sure we were watching cartoons at that age. Not Ariana Grande though. When she was 10, she co-founded the South Florida Youth singing group called Kids Who Care. They performed at charitable, fund-raising events and in 2007, the group raised almost $500,000 in just one year!

9. Her favourite game is Monopoly

Ariana has always loved the game. In fact, when she performed a concert in Canada, she had a monopoly-playing-figurine of herself, made for her. Her love for the game was also expressed lyrically through her recent song with Victoria Monet in 2018, entitled yeah you guessed right, ‘Monopoly’.

10. She has 10 dogs

And we end with number 10 for all the 10 dogs she has. Her dogs are rescues and their names are Ophelia (Labradoodle), Fawkes (Shiba Inu), Cinnamon (American Pit Bull Terrier), Coco (Dachshund-German Shepherd), Latayette (Bloodhound), Sirius (Labradoodle), Strauss (Yorkshire Terrier), Pignoli (Chihuahua), Toulouse (Beagle-Chihuahua) and Myron (Pit Bull mix).

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