Ajay Junaid
March 13, 2019
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We came, we saw, we drank @the best cocktail bars KL has to offer. Each of these bars has its own uniqueness whilst also crafting cocktails that are both delicious and inventive.


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Location: Petaling Street

PS150, a cocktail tavern hidden behind a toy shop with a neon sign flashing “Chee Cheong Kai”. PS150 is known for its very unique setup having divided the bar into three different sections. The chill zone also known as the “Opium Den”, the open-air courtyard area known as “Post-war Space” or you can join in on the action at the main bar.

Recommendation: Angel’s Signature - Angel is regarded as one of the best mixologists in KL and ironically she runs PS150.

Omakase + Appreciate

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Location: KL City Centre

Omakase + Appreciate only seats two dozen, so be sure to beat the Friday rush so you can enjoy a post-work cocktail in this stylish cocktail establishment. The intimate ambience is perfect for a date or if you’re catching up with a couple of friends. The owners Shawn Chong and Karl Too are award-winning mixologists so expect a versatility of ingredients being stirred together.

Recommendation: Beach Bum - Bacardi, Orange, Coconut, Bitters.


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Location: Bangsar

Coley was featured on Asia’s 50 Best Bars of 2018 and it is most certainly deserving of the recognition it has received. Now, be wary that the recommendation below may not be available during your visit as the menu is edited and changed every three months but no matter what you order, you will not be disappointed.

Recommendation: Coley’s Saffron Sour - Bourbon, Lemon, Sugar and Vanilla Syrup.

Suzie Wong

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Location: KL City Centre

One of KL’s hidden gems is Suzie Wong. A mysterious bar tucked away down a hidden laneway in the city. It may not have the most attractive or charming front but you’ll step inside to a room that oozes class and luxury with its velvet curtains, Chinese birdcages and chaise lounges.

Call in advance as reservations are a must.

Recommendation: The Erik - Vodka, Chili Padi, Kaffir Lime Leaves and Passion Fruit.


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Location: KL City Centre

The menu at Coppersmith limits you to 10 carefully crafted cocktails, however, it’s quality, not quantity that counts at Coppersmith. Each cocktail is well thought out and made with craft spirits, house-made syrups, edible garnishes and dehydrated fruits.

Recommendation: The Smith’s Daughter - Salted Grapefruit Syrup, Carpano Dry Vermouth, Monte Alban Mescal, Salted Kumquat Fruit Leather. SAY NO MORE!

Jack Rose

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Location: Bukit Damansara

Jack Rose has a very old fashioned setup and the music showcases that, using a record player to churn out the ‘70s and ‘80s classics. Fun fact: Customers are welcome to bring their own vinyls to play here!

Be sure to try there Claypot Negroni as well as there famous hot wings.

Recommendation: Obviously you have to go for the Jack Rose - Applejack, Lemon and Homemade Grenadine.


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Location: Bukit Damansara

This dim, cosy bar acts as member’s club with its affluent and private vibe. Now “Skullduggery” literally translates to underhand/unscrupulous and you do get that sense of mischief with here with its copper skull covered walls and a toy train driving along delivery shots. They also have a ladies night every Wednesday, free house cocktails up to 11pm!

You’ll find Skullduggery just behind Huckleberry, hidden behind a thick wooden door with metal pieces and a small opening.

Recommendation: Jack O’Mai - Honey Jackfruit-infused Rum, Pimento Dram, Salted Matcha, Lemon and finished off with a sprinkle of Non-Iodized Salt Crystals.

Mr Chew’s Chino Latino

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Location: Bukit Bintang

A Critics’ Choice winner in the Time Out Kuala Lumpur Food & Drink Awards 2017. A warm and inviting eatery situated in a beautiful loft-like space complete with impeccable art deco. A fusion of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and full of Latino spirit. This is the only one on the list that is known more for its food than its cocktails, which is pretty impressive since there cocktails are damn good!

Recommendation: Mr. Chew’s Take-Away G&T - Ophir Gin, Pink Peppercorn, Guava and Three Cents Aegean Tonic.