Lashonde Lavelle Christian
September 14, 2020
3 Minutes
With the global pandemic looming over our heads for more than half of 2020 and the music industry facing one of the highest losses, both artists and listeners have been placing their focus on digitally selling music and streaming them.
Many of your favourite singers have since released new music, some songs while others a whole album! Based on some of the best album streams of 2020, we are ranking which artist currently has what album in the ranks!
So, without wasting any time, see what number is your favourite at!

#15 Now Or Never by Nio Garcia

Image via Genius

With a total stream of over 1.19 billion, this 2020 Latin album which was released on July 24th, features 18 Reggaeton/Latin rap songs. Catchy, partying numbers, Garcia managed to bring this album of his all the way to the top 15 most streamed albums of 2020.

#14 Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon (Deluxe) by Pop Smoke

Image via Genius

Coming in at number 14 is this studio album by Pop Smoke with over 1.20 billion streams. Released at the beginning of July this year, this Hip Hop/RNB album was executively produced by 50 Cent, and was Smoke’s first posthumous project following his murder from a home invasion on February 19th.

#13 Music To Be Murdered By by Eminem

Image via Genius

Next, is Eminem’s 11th studio Hip Hop album released at the beginning of this year in January. The album title and cover which was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and Jeff Alexander received over 1.22 billion streams.

#12 Rare (Deluxe) by Selena Gomez

Image via Exclusive Tribe

With over 1.34 billion streams on Spotify, Selena Gomez takes the number 12 spot, of the most stream albums of 2020 so far. Also released in the beginning of the year, the young pop singer stated that this album, which happens to be her third full-length studio album, was actually her ‘diary from the past few years’.

#11 Legends Never Die by Juice WRLD

Image via Pitchfork

Number 11 on the list is famous American rapper Juice WRLD with his third studio Emo rap album, ‘Legends Never Die’. The album which gained over 1.36 billion streams, was released posthumously following his death in early December last year. Upon the singer’s passing, it was reported that at least two thousand songs were recorded before he died.

#10 Colores by J Balvin

Image via Twitter

At number 10 is J Balvin’s fifth solo studio album, ‘Colores’, or in English, Colors. Collaborating with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for the music videos and the album artworks, it was released in March this year, and has since received over 1.38 billion streams on Spotify.

#9 Eternal Atake (Deluxe) - LUV vs. The World 2 by Lil Uzi Vert

Image via Pitchfork

With over 1.54 billion streams, Lil Uzi Vert claims number 9 on the most streams with his album ‘Eternal Atake’ which was also released in March this year. The album contains 2 discs, with 14 songs on the first and 18 songs on the second.

#8 Changes by Justin Bieber

Image via Amazon

Next is Justin Bieber with his 5th studio album ‘Changes’. Released on Valentine’s Day this year, the album which focused on genres like RNB, Pop and Electro-pop, attained over 1.63 billion streams on Spotify.

#7 How I'm Feeling by Lauv

Image via Genius

Released in March, this pop album is actually the singer’s first studio album. With 21 songs, the album was liked by many and received over 1.78 billion streams on Spotify.

#6 Emmanuel by Anuel AA

Image via Complex

Coming in at number 6 is ‘Emmanuel’ by Anuel AA. Second studio album by the Puerto Rican rapper released in May this year, it contains 22 songs. With collaborations from Bad Bunny, Enrique Iglesias, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin and many more, the album has since garnered over 1.84 billion streams.


Image via Amazon

Number 5 on our list is infamous K-Pop band BTS, with their fourth Korean-language studio album, ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : 7’. Released in February this year, the pop, RNB and Hip Hop record got up to over 1.91 billion streams from all around the globe.

#4 Manic by Halsey

Image via Pinterest

As we almost reach the highest streamed album of 2020 thus far, we pit-stop at Halsey with her third studio album, ‘Manic’. This Electro-pop, Hip Hop, Alternative Rock album was released early this year and became her biggest album with over 1.99 billion streams.

#3 Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa

Image via Genius

Next is Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’ at number 3. Scheduled to be released in April this year, it was moved forward to the end of March after it was leaked online. The album, which is the singer’s second studio album, is a mixture of pop, disco and received 2.28 billion streams on Spotify.

#2 After Hours (Deluxe) by The Weeknd

Image via Genius

Number 2 on the list, is ‘After Hours’ by The Weeknd. Produced primarily by the singer himself, this, his fourth studio album features 14 songs, with 3 bonus tracks on the Deluxe edition and 6 Remixes on the EP. The album received over 2.92 billion streams.

#1 YHLQMDLG by Bad Bunny

Image via USC

And finally reaching the end of the list and getting to the most streamed album of 2020 so far, is ‘YHLQMDLG’ by Bad Bunny. With over 2.97 billion streams on Spotify, this Reggaeton, Latin trap, Hip Hop is Bunny’s second studio album, and has since also become the highest charting all-Spanish album ever on the chart.