Lashonde Lavelle Christian
October 8, 2020
4 Minutes
The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Drake, Rihanna, are all amazeballs singers. With great songs and a humongous platform, it is no surprise they and many other Pop artists are our constant go to for music.
However, in the thick of it all, we have forgotten that charity often begins at home. Standing, at what could be, next to all these big names, are so many undiscovered underrated artists that reside from all around South-East Asia.
These SEA artists, albeit talented, do not have the support and recognition they so definitely need. With catchy tunes and some serious talent, we wanted to list down some of the pretty talented SEA artists around, who you probably didn’t know about!
In no particular order, here they are!

1. Gentle Bones from Singapore

Originally known as Joel Tan, this rather famous Singaporean singer-songwriter came up with a unique stage name that got everyone intrigued in 2011, after establishing his YouTube channel. He then garnered subscribers/followers from the numerous covers he did on his channel. Upon gaining fame, Joel performed in various big festivals like the Noise Festival, the Mosaic Music Festival and even the launch of the SEA Games in 2014. Come 2015, Gentle Bones released his first debut EP, titled after his stage name and from there on out, it was only onward!


2. Moving and Cut from Thailand

Moving and Cut is a four-member band from Thailand. They first came up with the idea to start music when they were pursuing higher education in their university. So, just like where most independent artists turn to upon going down the musical path, they too went onto YouTube. The group then released their original song ‘Let Me Go’. The song got a lot of attention and for its heartbreaking lyrics as well as sad melody, the electric-rock band came to be known as a band of sad, meaningful songs.

3. Tiara Andini from Indonesia

Besides being an established singer in Indonesia, Andini is also an actress and a TV presenter. The pop singer who began vocal training when she was in elementary school, was the runner up for the 10th season of singing competition Indonesian Idol. In 2018, she got to have a moment on stage with K-Pop sensation ‘Super Junior’ at the close of the 2018 Asian Games. Just this year, the singer released three singles titled ‘Gemintang Hatiku’ (which won Outstanding Song at the Dahsyatnya Awards), ‘Maafkan Aku’ and ‘365’.


4. Son Tung M-TP from Vietnam

Vietnamese singer Son Tung first launched his career when he self-wrote and released two Vietnamese singles. He then created more successful music under Văn Production and We Pro Entertainment for the sum of four years before establishing his own record label in 2016, called M-TP Entertainment. The singer also did a concert tour from 2015 to 2016 and was then awarded the title ‘Prince of V-Pop’. His talent got him an MTV Europe Music Award, however, three months ago, the singer announced that upon reaching 30, he would give up his career as a singer, to focus more on his personal life and growth.

5. Keiko Necesario from Philippines

Listening to local under-the-radar acts growing up, was how Keiko Necesario found her love for local music. She wanted to make a difference, and she wanted local acts to be heard for the great content they put out. Keiko wrote her first song in 3rd grade, and when she was in the 5th grade, she picked up her first guitar. Coming from a family that loved music, it was natural when she slid down that path. Listening to music from The Beatles, James Taylor, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, she released her first album called ‘Through It All’ in 2015.

6. SmallWorld SmallBand from Cambodia

Known for their Cambodian Pop Rock music, SWSB released their debut album in 2017 called ‘2X5’. Their songs on the album took a more personal approach, and revealed more about each member of the band. Well known for their participation in the Bonn Phum festival (festival to celebrate Cambodian ancestral traditions), SWSB consists of four members who are Riem SokPhirom, Rithy LomorKesor, Morm Picherith, and SophyRong David.


7. Idiots from Myanmar

This Burmese rock band started off by releasing three singles. Then in 2011, they released their solo album, and two years later, in 2013, they began working on their debut album. The group also celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Nine Planets Entertainment that same year, and performed alongside other acts like Big Bag, Wanted, Reason Drive and Fever 109. Idiots performed eight songs that night, during which, the crowd went crazy!


8. Anitta Thivaphone from Laos

From the capital of Laos, Vientiane, pop singer Anitta won Best Female Pop Artist in the 2011 Lao Music Awards. Focusing on both Pop and R&B, Anitta has also been the face for International brands like Coca Cola, Lux, Revlon, Pepsi, Johnny Walker, and many more. She has graced popular magazine covers in Laos and has over 200K views on her ‘Bod Hien La Kha Pheang’ music video on YouTube!

9. Aziz Harun from Brunei

Winning a battle talent search called ‘Bintang Kecil’ back in 2009, the now 21-year-old, in 2017, released his fourth single called ‘Jangan’. A recording artist with Faithful Music and managed by Warner Music Malaysia, the singer has come a long way since he had to juggle between music and education. With over 180,000 followers on Instagram, Aziz’s music has also reached streaming platforms like iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify. Since he ventured into the music scene, he has released 18 singles, including different variations of his songs!

10. Ego Lemos from Timor-Leste

Coming from Timor Leste, Ego Lemos is an older aged singer whose music comprises of Folk songs. He uses the guitar and/or harmonica in his music and actually sings his songs in his native tongue, which is a language called Tetum. His song ‘Balibo’ in said language, was also featured in a movie of the same name, which was awarded best original song composed on-screen at the 2009 Screen Music Awards. He also debuted a solo album in the same year, which was produced by producer Michael Hohnen.