Elly Zulaikha
March 20, 2020
3 Minutes

Don’t skip, just hit shuffle! Let the 80s music work its magic for you because why not? 

1. A-ha - Take On Me

Released on October 19, 1984

Album: Hunting High & Low 

Take on me (Take on me),
Take me on (Take on me),
I’ll be gone,
In a day or two

A-Ha! A long time fan favourites, Take on Me will get those feets moving to its iconic tune. 

2. Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’

Released on October 6, 1981

Album: Escape

Don’t stop believin’,
Hold on to that feeling,
Streetlight people

Sing along to the famous chorus “Don’t stop believin’”, you’ll have a newfound confidence in yourself after the song ends.

3. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

Released on October 21, 1988

Album: Bad

Annie, are you okay?
Will you tell us that you’re okay?
There’s a sound at the window,
Then he struck you — a crescendo, Annie

“Annie, are you okay?” 

4. Prince and The Revolution - Purple Rain

Released on June 25, 1984 

Album: Purple Rain

Purple rain, purple rain,
Purple rain, purple rain,
I only want to see you bathing in the purple rain

A power ballad that signifies a “new beginning”.

5. Wham! Ft. George Micheal - Careless whisper

Released on July 24, 1984

Album: Make it Big

I’m never gonna dance again,
Guilty feet have got no rhythm,
Though it’s easy to pretend,
I know you’re not a fool

One of the most memorable songs in the 80s. Period. 

6. Modern Talking - You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul

Released on October 29, 1984

Album: The 1st Album

You’re my heart, you’re my soul,
I keep it shining everywhere I go,
You’re my heart, you’re my soul,
I’ll be holding you forever, stay with me together

Feeling cheesy? Sing along to Modern Talking’s catchy 80s pop beat if you want to live in their dreams.

7. Roxette - Paint

Released on October 2, 1989

Album: Look Sharp!

Paint me right,
Can you feel the heat in me tonight?
Oh I, I’m the pearl,
Paint your love all over my world

The song, Paint, describes the hot chilly feeling you experience when you have a crush on someone. Coupled with the soft rock and the familiar 80s beat, you’ll want to paint this song right in your mind. 

8. Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up

Released on July 27, 1987

Album: Whenever You Need Somebody

Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down,
Never gonna turn around and desert you

If you want to reassure someone how much you care for them, just say you’re never gonna give them up. Also, dance like Rick Astley. 

9. Elton John - Sacrifice

Released on August 29, 1989

Album: Sleeping with The Past

And it’s no sacrifice,
Just a simple word,
It’s two hearts livin’,
In two separate worlds

Arguably, one of the greatest and memorable love songs of the 1980s. 

10. Van Halen - Jump

Released on December 21, 1983

Album: 1984

Might as well jump (Jump!),
Might as well jump,
Go ahead, jump (Jump!),
Go ahead, jump

A fun, synth-pop rock song, Jump is a charismatic track that’s totally wicked.

11. Madonna - Like a Virgin

Released on November 6, 1984

Album: Like a Virgin

Like a virgin,
Touched for the very first time,
Like a virgin,
When your heart beats next to mine

Despite its controversy, you can’t deny Like a Virgin is still one of the greatest pop songs of all time.

12. Cyndi Lauper - Time After time

Released on January 27, 1984

Album: She’s So Unusual

If you’re lost, you can look and you will find me,
Time after time,
If you fall, I will catch you, I’ll be waiting,
Time after time

The singer’s different take from her usual light and frothy musical personality, Time After Time became one of her iconic songs of all time. 

13. Europe - The Final Countdown

Released on February 14, 1986

Album: The Final Countdown

It’s the final countdown,
The final countdown,

The Final Countdown, no matter how many times it has been played on the radio, you’ll be pumped (without fail) because of that intro. What a song!

14. Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

Released on September 29, 1983

Album: An Innocent Man

Uptown girl,
She’s been living in her white bread world,
As long as anyone with hot blood can,
And now she’s looking for a downtown man,
That’s what I am

A light and memorable track of a downtown boy swooning over an uptown girl, definitely one of 80s classics.  

15. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Released on January 21, 1983

Album: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Sweet dreams are made of this,
Who am I to disagree?
I’ve traveled the world and the seven seas,
Everybody’s lookin’ for something

A bold music in its time.