A Jaclyn Victor Timeline

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
September 10, 2020
4 minutes
The infamous Malaysian idol Jaclyn Victor, was born to the name Jaclyn Joshua Thanaraj Victor to one Maggie Victor, and a father who passed on when the singer was only 9 years of age.
When she was 18, the singer tapped into her musical abilities and started singing at clubs as well as hotel lounges. With full support of family and friends, Jaclyn alongside her friend Ravi Sivalingam a.k.a Ravi the Rat then recorded their first album together, called ‘Dream’.
In the year 2004, she proceeded to take part in singing competition Malaysian idol, after being encouraged by her mother. She flourished really well, until she was in the top 2 and went ahead to win the whole damn thing, against Faradina Mohd. Nazir.

Image via NST

Upon victory, the singer of Tamil Indian descent, performed her great ballad ‘Gemilang’, which was specially written prior, for the winner of the competition. Winning ‘Best Newcomer Award’ and ‘Best New Artist’, both ‘Gemilang’ and her album ‘Dream’ sold like hot cakes.
Appearing on famous talk shows like ‘Pillow Talk’ and performing for both concerts and other singing competitions, Jaclyn was everywhere.
Then in 2005, the young, talented singer won her first international award, for the Asia New Singer Competition at the Shanghai Music Festival in China. Very much being recognized and awarded for her stellar vocals, her song ‘Gemilang’ went on to win multiple awards as well.

Image via Behance

Come 2006, Victor won four out of the seven nominations she received, from the Malaysian music scene’s biggest night, the 13th Anugerah Industri Muzik. She also released her second album that same year and performed in Australia.
Jaclyn then spent 2007, taking part in more singing competitions and performing for both international and national concerts alike. Releasing her third album in 2009, in 2012 she then changed her musical direction, and signed with KRU Music.
In the year 2014, her label released her English EP entitled ‘Unleashed’, which she then promoted in Los Angeles, US. That same year, she got married to American singer Shawn Rivera at a church in Philadelphia. A year later (2015), the couple was gifted with a baby boy, named Jonah Joshiah Rivera.

Image via Napster

She then performed at the 2017 SEA Games and bore her second child, Molly Marguerite Rivera. The starlet also received a Music Icon Award in 2018.
Fast forward to January this year (2020), it was announced that the singer split from her husband of 5 years. They spent about a year apart, and the distance was too much to overcome. Despite the unfortunate circumstance, Jaclyn mentioned on several occasions, how she had been a happier, cheerier person since the split.
“Shawn will always be their father, and he will always be welcomed to visit the children. And on my part, I've got my brothers and cousins to look after them, too", the singer said, adding that their children would remain with her in Malaysia.

Image via NST

Then in July, the ‘Gemilang’ singer admitted to have found love again with someone new. The mystery man, who has been reported to not have initially known Jaclyn as a Malaysian singer, has not only bonded with her children, but whom she has also thus far kept under wraps.
Still slaying dragons and coming out on top after 23 years, we’re not denying how we can hardly wait to see, who her new beau is and just what she will do next!