A New Twist on Sudirman’s Warisan

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 28, 2020
1 minutes
You can never go wrong with music!
It’s the month of freedom for Malaysians, and one of the many ways the country has ushered in its independence happened a week or so ago, when 39 -year-old star of an Asian talent show called ‘Asian Dream’ performed one of the country’s classics, ‘Warisan’.
The song which was played time and time again when prime ministers of the country stepped down or were elected, was written by one Syed Haron Syed Ahmad, a former/late patriot.
On August 19th, award-winning singer Poovaneswary Sri Rama, commonly known as Poova, decided to envelop the Internet with patriotism when she did a cinematic cover of Sudirman’s greatest hit.

Image via The Star

The jazz soul singer originally from Tanjong Karang, Selangor noted how the lyrics were close to her heart, and how the love for the country was so important in the trying times we’re in.
The version of the song was fresh, new and done as a means to commemorate both Merdeka (Malaysia’s Independence Day) at the end of August and Malaysia Day, which would fall mid-September.
The music video not only featured Poova but also Sabahan pianist Sharon Chong. In it, Poova wore one of the country’s national outfit, a red baju kebaya representing the red from the Malaysian flag, whereas Sharon wore a white female head dress to resemble the white.

Image via CK Music

Sharon also noted how her outfit was from the Orang Hulu of Sarawak which had yellow bead work and fern-inspired motifs. It was her means to self-identify as East Malaysian.  
The entire production and recording took a day and its wholesomeness had even said to have brought Poova to tears!
Have you watched the amazing cover yet? If not, check the dynamic duo below.