A Reminder to Look After Your Mental Health in This Coronavirus Crisis

Elly Zulaikha
March 31, 2020
5 minutes

Staying at home for an extended period while the crisis is still raging can be terrifying and nerve-wracking for people with mental health issues. Thus, we’re here with some suggestions and reminders on how you can take care of your mental health, and why it’s just as important as your physical health.


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As media reports continue flooding in and the ever-increasing divide among people’s views and attitudes towards the virus, this can seem overwhelming for people with anxiety. This is because managing this disorder in this crisis can be twice as challenging for people with anxiety, as they are likely to feel more vulnerable and hyper-vigilant.  

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So, to help minimize the anxiety attacks, CDC and other mental health experts have put out viable suggestions they can practice. Considering the current media hysteria, experts suggest limiting the amount of time you spend reading news about the virus. This not only helps you to stay calm without overwhelming yourself, but it is also helping you to stay properly informed.

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Another recommended way is by talking to someone, so the feelings of social isolation and anxiety can be reduced. For those who do not have this disorder, you can also do your part by reaching out to your friends and family, regularly checking in on each other; safely and remotely, as maintaining social contact is ever more important.

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This pandemic has triggered a significant amount of stress in everyone around the world, and the same can be said for people with existing depression in their life, only it could mean much worse for the latter.  

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As more people are performing social distancing, self-quarantining can be stressful and debilitating for people with depression. Therefore, it is vital to establish a normal routine as much as possible while being confined in four walls. Activities, like reading a book or cleaning your room, can be a great start from falling into a state of constant negativity.

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Additionally, it is also advised for people with this issue to keep themselves healthy, taking proper meds and seeking professional help. The good news is that many healthcare providers, specifically mental health services, are offering telehealth sessions where a patient and a psychologist can still interact virtually.

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What you can do to help people with a mental health issue

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If you happen to know someone struggling with mental health, you can still do your part and help them out even while quarantined at home. Since technology is readily at our disposal, start by reaching out to them regularly through texting and video calls.

Even by hearing how their day goes or listening to them explaining their problem to you can go a long way, especially since all of us have to stay at home for a longer period of time. This is because as social creatures, losing complete contact with people abruptly can be damaging psychologically, thus maintaining the connection is more crucial than ever.

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Don’t forget to check on the elderly people too as they are also at risk with developing serious mental health issues.

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With that, we hope you can take measures in ensuring your mental health is in good shape as we go through this turbulent period. Also, know that you are not going through this alone and we will get through this. Although we try to raise awareness through this brief reminder, we urge you to seek proper professional help as soon as possible.

Stay informed and stay safe everyone!

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