BTS Peaks #1 on the Billboard Hot 100!

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
September 3, 2020
2 minutes
Being one of the biggest and most famous K-Pop band to ever exist since the Korean wave consumed our globe, BTS has been producing chart topping hits since their debut in 2013.
From ‘On’ which peaked at no.4 in March this year, to ‘Boy With Luv’ at no.8 in April 2019 and ‘Fake Love’ at no.10 in June 2018, it is beyond any doubt that their music has caught the attention of the masses.
But if you thought they couldn’t get any bigger, we’re here to tell you that you were wrong.

Image via One Music PH

Recently on August 21st, the band released their new hit ‘Dynamite’. The song received 33.9 million U.S. streams and 300,000 sold in just its first week. Followed by its music video right after, ‘Dynamite’ tracked so much attention that for the first time ever, BTS, an all-South-Korean band, claimed the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100!
The seven-member band’s all-English hit went right ahead and pushed Cardi B’s ‘WAP’, which was at the number one spot for two weeks prior, down to number 2.

Image via Showbiz Cheat Sheet

A song focusing on positive vibes, one of its members also said "We made this song in hopes of giving energy to the listeners. We hope our fans can listen to it to receive the positive energy we tried to incorporate in the song."
BTS’ huge achievement even had big names like The Weeknd and The Jonas Brothers congratulating them on being the first Asian act to claim the number one spot in a big span of 57 years, since Japanese-born artist Kyu Sakamoto’s ‘Sukiyaki’ in 1963.
What an achievement indeed. Check their stellar song and rather entertaining MV below!