Ella’s Still Touching the Stars at 50!

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 25, 2020
3 minutes

Haveeee, you met Ella?
Given the name Nor Zila Aminuddin, Malaysian singer, actress, model and entrepreneur better known as Ella, begin her journey to fame by singing in local night clubs and lounges, before merging her talent with a local band called ‘The Boys’ in 1985.
In 1988 though, the ‘Ratu Rock’ (queen of rock-a name bestowed by her Malaysian fans), decided to part ways with her band and build a solo career, which amounted to great success. In fact, her first three solo albums –‘Pengemis Cinta’ (1988), ‘Puteri Kota’ (1989) and ‘Identiti’ (1990) upon release, achieved platinum sales throughout the country.

Image via The Hive Asia

After that, the originally-Penangite-musician continued making brilliant music over the years and her fanbase spread to many different countries, like Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.
In 1994, she became the first local singer to record an album, entitled Ella USA, in the United States.
She carried on soaring, and then in 1988, was chosen to sing the theme song, 'Standing In The Eyes Of The World' for the Commonwealth Sports game which was hosted by Malaysia.

Image via OhBulan

Besides music, the singer also dipped her feet in the acting scene throughout the years, and was cast in movies like ‘Bayangan Maut’(1999), ‘Pemburu Bayang’ (1992), ‘Hanya Kawan’ (1997) and ‘KIL’ (2013).
Being very private about her personal life, fans finally got a smidgen of it in 2012 when she happily married pilot Azhar Husaini Ghazali.

Image via Malaysia Now

Singing with so many various artists on a couple of counts, Ella also received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the ABPBH 2016 for all she had contributed to the Malaysian music industry. Then in 2017, she received the Brand Laureate Icon Celebrity Award as a means to recognize her iconic-female-rock-idol accomplishments.
Thus far, the talented singer has since released, 12 studio albums, 2 video albums as well as several compilations and hit singles. Receiving and succeeding a list too long to cover over the span of 30+ years, Ella still sings at concerts and events whenever she gets the chance today.

Image via Top 10 Malaysia

A happy home with her husband, sounding and looking exactly the same as when she first began, a still thriving career, this force to be reckon with, seems to be a living testimony, as to how life only begins at 50!