James Taylor and Doja Cat Talk VMAs

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 13, 2020
2 minutes
Singer of famous Tik Tok songs “Say So, Like That, Candy, Boss Bitch, Cyber Sex and Juicy”, had James Charles do her face and of course, it looked brilliant!
On August 11th, YouTube beauty star, James Charles who had previously made up Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea and many more, decided to try his hand on Doja Cat.
The duo had been long time friends before, and James being a fan of Tik Tok and of her, wanted to chat about her grand rise to the top, as well as the hot gossip on her VMAs performance.
According to James, Doja’s “Say So” had over 20 million videos made to it, to which she replied, "That’s insane. The song is a bop. It’s really changed my life as far as-I’ll make a song, and people even in the YouTube comments will be like, ‘Oh, let’s hope Tik Tok doesn’t ruin this one.’ So,I feel like my whole career has become based around it."

Image via British GQ

The singer, not really revealing much on what she would be doing for her performance, also noted that she was very excited and how different things would be this time round, with what everything going on in the world.
"It’s not the classic experience of the VMAs. But it’s a blessing to do a full production…it’s going to be really, really, really cool", she said.
When James was done with her neon-pink cut crease look, he asked her for some advice on young artists and this is what she said:
"Don’t worry about being perfect, just do what you like to do. Don’t spend time trying to impress people, because there’s always going to be somebody out there who’s going to hate on you. That’s just the climate of today, I don’t know if it will change later, but please just enjoy what you do and do whatever you want. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do."