Life in Quarantine: Appreciating the Little Things

Elly Zulaikha
April 10, 2020
5 minutes

The coronavirus is like a shocking wake-up call for everyone right now. As we sink in the reality of it, it might be nice to take this opportunity to start appreciating what we have and reflect more about ourselves. After all, this is a small reminder for you and for us. 

Good health

For those who are in good shape, both physically and mentally, having good health seems the most important thing we can have, ever since the pandemic has taken many lives. Even for some of us who contracted the virus and managed to recover, for those that never made it should serve as a reminder of how fickle life is.

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But it’s not all grim if we look at it from one perspective. Maybe now is the right time for you to really take good care of your health. After all, when you spend all your time quarantined and performing your social responsibility, what better things you can do other than taking care of yourself?

When we were in full swing with our lives before the pandemic started, we didn’t really have the time to check on ourselves. Have we eaten enough? Are we exercising regularly? Why do we feel stressed out lately? These are the things we often overlooked when we’re caught up with school/work.

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Nevertheless, we should use this time to live every day to the fullest and appreciate how blessed we are to have good health.

Family members and friends

Perhaps one of the most important parts of our lives, having your family members and friends around makes things bearable in this crisis. While for some who are staying abroad for work or for their studies, there’s nothing better than staying together and going through the quarantine with your loved ones.

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Before we had to stay at home, we never really got to spend our time together with our family members or hang out with friends. We skipped family dinner because we had work piling up and we made excuses when our friends asked us to hang out. Now that we’re at home, we’ve realized how much we must make up for our lost times.

However, what’s comforting is we never really lose the connection as long as we’re there with them, both physically and emotionally. Maybe today is the day you should start cooking something special for your old folks or hold that daily Zoom chats with your friends.

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Take the time to say thank you and that you appreciate having them around.


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Money can’t buy happiness. Although it is true to some extent, having enough money to survive for the next few weeks can be a challenge. Previously, money was used for entertainment and leisure, but now it’s used to buy scarce items like face masks and hand sanitizers, groceries to feed a household and many more.

Additionally, having a job seems even more valuable since the financial crisis in 2008. For some who will not face job uncertainties like being laid off or having extended unpaid leave, it’s important for the rest of us to truly save up because this is the rainy days. 

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If you have the means to help someone who is less fortunate, offer them assistance when they need the most. It doesn’t have to be big, instead, start with helping them buy some groceries. Any form of help can go a long way.

The ‘mundane’ life

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Lastly, ‘mundane’ things in life. When was the last time you celebrated for submitting an assignment on time? Did you suddenly find yourself unexpectedly proud of powering through each day with your daily routine? Maybe you didn’t notice these micro feelings before, but these are the things that help us get through life.

Since we’ll be staying at home for an even longer time than we think before, now is the time to take the ‘boring’ in your house to the next level. No, not the crazy stunts for TikTok or anything. Maybe plan how you can better equip yourself should there be another emergency like this or really, step outside of your house for a moment to have a look at the clouds or the birds.

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We think it’s important that in this crisis, we remain calm and open-minded by focusing on the present moment. Yes, it is awful to hear cases and death toll climbing up like skyscrapers, but if we take the time to see things from a different perspective, maybe something better will happen soon. Fingers crossed.

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