T Swift’s Latest Indie Folk Album: folklore

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
July 29, 2020
1 minutes
Despite the fact that the music industry, like many others, have suffered a setback due to the current global pandemic, many recording artists have still went the extra mile in making sure their voices are still heard and relevant amidst the chaos.
One of those artists is none other than country, pop and now apparently indie folk starlet Taylor Swift.
Just short of almost a week ago, Taylor released her latest, eighth and quarantined album entitled folklore. Deviating from her usual country-pop-rock vibe, the album which featured 16 songs, explored a more soothing, folksy, softhearted feel of music, that one could probably tune into on a rainy day.

Image via Rissi

The album was recorded in her Los Angeles home and upon release, came with various album merchandise like Deluxe CDs, Deluxe Vinyl Albums, cardigans, sweaters, phone casings and so much more.
Walking in the thick of uncharted waters and showcasing range, the album was an attempt by Taylor to tap into a different side of her music, one that was rawer, more emotional and melodic.
Upon 24 hours after its released, the album became the second biggest album debut of all time on Spotify, just behind Drake’s Scorpion. Surpassing her previous album, Lover, folklore obtained 79.44 million chart streams in just one day!

Image via Newsweek

More on the album's success can be read here.
Putting her back on the charts again, thus far the album has revamped her musical image and altered her sound. Besides delivering music that tells a story (mostly from the past), folklore has placed us in a setting of what pop artist Taylor Swift looks like, well post-pop.
Have you heard folklore? Take a listen below!