We Hear There’s An Electronic Music Show

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 26, 2020
2 minutes
As we slowly progress back to our normal, exciting and now safe lives, more and more events are beginning to jump start to life.
One of them is Kuantum.
Bringing together a vast array of performers like live artists, DJ’s, visual artists and a contemporary dancer, for the first time ever REXKL, SharedMindVisuals and VoidRealm on September 5th, will present a Visual Arts & Electronic Music Showcase.

Image via The Star

The very intriguing lineup will begin with live musical performances, The Healing Art by Project Kamal Sabran & Friends, SharedMindVisuals and Luna Macula on visuals, as well as performance highlight by dance extraordinaire Tess Pang. Then, it will continue on to a series of bomb electronic music sets by DJs Terrence C & Victor G, Odd, Eddix and Nazreth.
Adding to the enriching experience will also be mind-blowing visual stimuli-magic by SharedMindVisuals in collaboration with Efozy, Akasha Visuals, Vuevossa and Luna Macula.

Image via The Sun Daily

Certainly, to be a night you won’t forget, the event will ensure safety and health, first and foremost. All standard operational procedures in conjunction with the RMCO will be put in place.
Social distancing guidelines such as temperature checks, contact tracing, staying a metre apart, the usage of face masks and often sanitization, as per instructed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, will be enforced and practiced strictly before, during and after the event.

Image via Facebook

A great experience for your post-lock down, we’re positive this showcase will be fun, safe and the best part of it all, a legit excuse to finally leave the house!
For more info on ticket pricing and other details of the event, visit AirAsiaRedtix.