Wuhan's Water Music Festival amidst Covid-19

Lashonde Lavelle Christian
August 19, 2020
2 minutes
Remember a time when China had tens of thousands of cases and over thousands of deaths nationwide? Well, things have certainly been looking better for the country since the government got control over the whole Covid-19 situation.
In fact, to inherently prove that, just yesterday, images of the HOHA Water Electrical Musical Festival in Wuhan surfaced on the Internet from over the weekend, and we must say, the thousands of people who gathered, is looking a little like a recipe for disaster than anything else.

Packed shoulder to shoulder, on rubber boats with little space to move and not a single face mask in sight, the people of Wuhan partied all night long. The organizers of the event were also said to have offered females, tickets at half the price as a means to attract more party-goers.
The Maya water park where the festival was held, reopened on June 25th, but due to seasonal rains, only started to get visitors in August. However, the park only has been receiving 15,000 people this year as compared to double the numbers last year, pre-Covid.

Image via People

Since the viral images and videos, media agencies worldwide have been in complete shock at the amount of people that gathered unprotected at the water park. The epicenter of where the virus first originated in December 2019, Wuhan which amounted to 75% of the 89,000 cases in China, has since infected over 22 million, all over the world.

Image via 6abc

It was a whole different Wuhan last weekend as compared to the one which went into an almost three-month quarantine earlier this year.
The country's restrictions begin to ease up when their cases slowed to a halt in April. As things started to resume to normal, 6 new cases emerged in May and the government reacted proactively. By June, markets and shops were allowed to open and came July, everything was almost back to normal for the whole country.

Image via People

It’s August now and based on those pictures, it’s safe to say Covid-19 is probably the last thing on their minds and we're not quite sure what to say about that!