Yes or No? Questioning the Role of Celebrities during Coronavirus Crisis

Elly Zulaikha
April 16, 2020
5 minutes

People have long been divided by their views and feelings towards celebrities/influencers. In case you didn’t know what happened, a few Hollywood celebrities took to Instagram by sharing clips of themselves singing John Lennon’s, Imagine. They thought they were spreading positive messages, but the reaction quickly backfired. Here, we look at whether this argument reflects our already unequal societies that celebrities happen to be in or if it’s just another case of internet rage. 


Appropriate advice or oblivious reminder?

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In the age where having a louder voice can make or break the difference, it is a tricky consideration to judge whether celebrities have an obligation (to some extent) to speak about the coronavirus crisis or not. 

Perhaps if celebrities were to advise on an important issue, and unlike during this pandemic, people would’ve praised them for using their platform to speak out. Given, of course, they do so appropriately.

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However, if it is a reminder that doesn’t really help others’ in a tough situation like in this pandemic, such as ‘stay at home’ or urging the people to ‘donate’, and only works for those who have the means to do so, then their reminder could mean that they missed the point. 

Suffice to say, their advice does little to help alleviate the struggles that ordinary people must go through during this pandemic.  

Sensitivity running high 

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It is fair when fans criticize celebrities who “preach” to the public to perform social distancing or other COVID-19 related reminders because to them, saying all those words can’t compare to the real condition out there, especially for frontline workers and others who can’t afford to do so. 

It is also worth mentioning that, while these celebrities may have good intentions by using their social media as a platform to spread a good message in trying times like this, what makes people going off was simply because these celebrities will not, or does not ever, come close to how ordinary people are dealing with the crisis. How much are they “struggling” when compared to everyday people?

In short, the people do have a point and the right to criticize celebrities.

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However, because tensions and anxiety are running high, it is easier to point the fault at celebrities who are undoubtedly, well and safe from the coronavirus in their supersized mansion and easy access to healthcare. 

Arguably, while some celebrities do not seem to understand the real situation in the lives of ordinary people who are bearing the brunt of the virus, some of us will overlook that there are still celebrities and influencers who are performing charity works in the crisis.  

It just happens that some celebrities or influencers who didn’t choose to announce anything in their social media will remain unbeknownst in the eyes of the public because, well, it doesn’t surface in the media in the first place.  


There is still good in them

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But of course, when we’re understandably in a state of distress and anything can trigger us off, it’s easy to overlook that there is still some good that’s happened around the world, including the goodwill of some celebrities who have contributed in this crisis.  

For instance, Oprah Winfrey contributed a $10 million donation to COVID-19 relief efforts across the country, along with $1 million of contribution to America’s Food Fund. Then there’s Taylor Swift who, despite her choice not to go public, has been quietly giving up to $3, 000 to strangers who needed help with their necessities. To name a few.

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However, all in all, we should try and take this with a grain of salt. No matter our struggles in the face of this pandemic, we’re all in this together. 

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